Alt Left: I Regret to Inform You That I Am Now a Rapist

I’ve just been informed that I’m a rapist. I’ve also been told I’ve been raping women my whole life. Well I admit I’m a bit befuddled. Never got accused of that but once. Never been arrested for it.

But no matter! Rape they said, and rape it was! Believe women! I know I sure do! If she said she got raped, she got raped. How do we know it was rape? Because she said it was.

Because words have no definitions now that Semantic Entropy has taken over, and we all get to make up our own meanings of every word! What’s wrong with you, you doubt the word of woman?  Women never lie! Believe women! I believe women!

I did get accused of rape. Well, she was 14 years old. I usually leave it at that just to troll the world, but I’ll let you guys in on the punchline. Come on: I was 16.

But that’s rape too, I got told. Because we were both underage! Well, she lied, like women do a documented 4

I just got told by a bunch of women that I raped that girl. Because, they said, if you ever got accused of rape, that means you raped someone. An accusal is a fact! Well, damn. Why bother with trials then? Waste of time.

Anyway I had no idea I’d been raping these ladies my whole life, but I don’t plan to stop doing it. Because it’s the only way I know how to have sex. Because it’s fun. Because at the end of the day, when all’s said and done, and they’re ready to rest, every woman wants to be ravished. Asking permission is for pussies. Just jump her, rip her clothes off, and pound her. They all want it like that anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Regret to Inform You That I Am Now a Rapist”

  1. The woman is always right BS. At my core I’m disgusted with cucks. SJW ranks swell with them. Always virtue signalling and never getting any.

    1. They’re pathetic fags. Even if they’re straight, they’re still fags. Fags to me are just men who work against the men. When I use it that way, I’m not talking about gay men. A lot of gay men are for the men and dubious about the women. Quite a few were and are active in the MRA movement.

      Feminists are not going to go easy on gay men. They hate gay men too. They hate all men simply because they are men. They may make exceptions for feminist men if they supplicate and kiss the feminists’ feet in an abject enough manner. But even then I wonder how much feminists respect them. Male feminists being wimps at best is a cliche going back 30 years. Obviously there’s a lot to it. Plus a lot of them are just white-knighting for women trying to get laid. I did that for decades lol. But I never really believed in feminism. I just told women that to get in their pants lol.

      Also white-knighting often doesn’t get you laid because women think it is pathetic, weak, and yeah, wimpy.

      I am starting to think that most men on the Left now are fags and cucks. It’s pathetic. I see why masculine men go rightwing. I hate it but I really don’t blame them. How do you expect them to act. You hit a man enough times, he might just start hitting back.

      Masculine men who vote Republican due to disgust with the pathetic faggotry and cuckdom of leftwing men are in a sense hitting back. The left hates masculine men. Why should masculine men vote left for people who hate them. The right loves masculine men. So they vote for them. I bet an 11 year old could understand that. It’s not rocket science.

  2. I’m sorry to say this on an Alt Left forum, but SJW male cucks are to the sexual market what communists are to the free market. If they usher in a female/communist government, they hope to have some sex/money redistributed to them. Every ban on sex is like a ban on business activity.

    But if you think about it, can you blame uglies and loser betas or the poor and stupid for being feminist-empowering cucks or collectivist commies? They weren’t getting any ass or wealth by playing fair in free market, “20% takes 80% of all the pussy and money” society.

    I’m a libertine across the board in both sexual and economic matters. Let the free market decide. But then again, I get just enough sex and money to live happily, though not extravagantly.

    1. Yes I have as a matter of fact. A lot of people in Meatspace think I am some sort of a dangerous criminal or at least they used to. I have no idea why they think that. It just goes to show you that people can’t judge dangerousness for shit. If they misread a totally harmless guy like me as dangerous then their Dangerousness Radar is badly broken.

  3. No, @Robert Lindsay isn’t a rapist – BECAUSE he doesn’t have the power to be. Nah, just kidding. Well, I’m driving at here – is there are people like Jeff Epstein that CAN get away with real evil – and there is a high probability they would do it.

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