White Nationalists Are Massive NWO Supporters

No doubt they support depopulation but only of Non-White people. That will be achieved alright but the depopulation of most White people will also be in the cards. Finally, the surviving world will probably have variations like a diverse  botanical garden. It won’t be all white  or Nordic people.

However, White Nationalists seem to be against the establishment as much as Alex Jones is. They appeal to that crowd. Also, both parties regularly have their videos taken down.

White Nationalists Are Under the Illusion…

…that the globalists want an exploding Non-White population of low IQ people whom the globalists, who are heavily Jewish, would control.

But that theory is laughably false, and it’s becoming more clear every day in this Covid-1984 World we live in now.

However, it does seem similar to the real situation where a small group of globalists control people in general whom they view as dolts, cattle, or if they are more in a more respectful mood, honorable human sacrifices.

But How Could the WNs Have Fallen for This?

I suppose it’s because of their own hatred, massive egos, and  desires to be gods – much like people such as Bill Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner, Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller etc..

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