White Genocide – If Only That’s All It Was

I’m being sarcastic, of course.  I don’t want a white genocide.  However, the real genocide is simply equal-opportunity-murder – kind of like Clint Eastwood’s bigotry on Dirty Harry.

The goal of UN Agenda  21 is the population reduction of 95 percent.  You don’t think the prelude to it is going on now?

Then, what was the white genocide theory?  Well, it’s a convenient way to fool sheep into supporting globalist (really Satanist) candidates into their fold – under the false illusion of compassion.  Also, I suppose it could fool right-wingers into a conservative fold – which probably also works for the globalists.   I mean, you’re saying  W. Bush wasn’t aware of future globalist plans after 9/11?

Who would exist in post-genocide world?

It don’t seem like Ted Turner and, of course, Oprah Winfrey are white supremacists – so a Nazi master race thing doesn’t seem on the horizon.

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