The Wuss Problem

It exists in me because I don’t want to work because I’m a coward.  I cannot handle confrontation like George McFly on Back to the Future. In this case, you won’t see me working any macho jobs. I won’t even work fast food. I do like dishwashing jobs because they’re isolated. But why work when I have an income coming in from doing nothing? The only reason I would work is just to be macho.

Of course, I’m doing honorable Internet projects that are a success, though not financially – that’s the kicker, the bummer. If they’re not making money, some hardass drill instructor would tell me, “Get a job, bum. Do the project on the side.”

Case in Point about Confrontation

I walk out of a restaurant yesterday, and these country motherfuckers call me a cocksucker while giggling as I go to my car. I do nothing. However, I get in my car and purposely drive between them on the way out when I could have driven another route.

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