The Police Murder in Minnesota

It would be interesting to see White nationalist reactions when the video shows so clearly that the Black guy was murdered. Even regular conservative media is making no attempt to defend the cop at all.

I suppose they would come up with some excuse to get around the fact that this is an obvious homicide. What is it going to be? Uh, “Cops have to be steroid-ed out of their minds because of Blacks, and this was just some big accident.” There’s an excuse for everything, right?

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37 thoughts on “The Police Murder in Minnesota”

  1. There are always mixed feelings on Stormfront about the legality and constitutionality of these cop killings.

    The Stromfronters are happy that a Muslim called the cops on Negro George Floyd because it shows how diversity doesn’t mix, but they hate him for being a Muslim. They are glad the White cop killed another “useless nigger.”
    But some on the forum point out that the police state is a pawn of the Zionist Jews. The same for Trump. Some are more logical and fear that what happens to the knee-grows will then happen to their White-trash asses.

    Some are ironically opportunistic about the opportunism of Black protestors who are burning down the city. The Stormfronters are so happy to point out the Black Lives Matters types don’t care about Justice with a J, they just want an excuse to loot and riot. It’s interesting how White Nationalists take such complex sides that mirror the internal complexity of SJW identity politics — a White straight cis woman being lower on the oppression totem pole than an Eskimo-Black mixed-race lesbian transwoman. And sometimes the SJWs will start eating each other alive to deal with the cognitive dissonance of their contradictory ideas.

    Anyway, I think the extremely violent reaction to this curbside execution in Minneapolis is more due to the Corona Virus having kept people cooped up inside. It’s warm now and people are BROKE. Had this same cop-killing occurred without a 2-month lock down immediately preceding it, we would’ve had a much more docile reaction. I do hope Americans start to get fed up with these extrajudicial killings though. This is the biggest weakness, in my opinion, of the Republican Party: their blind support for law enforcement. Even the National Review has commented on this. And they often run pro-police no-nonsense articles which I agree with.

    Almost all police killings are justifiable. What’s horrifying is how some are blatantly unjustifiable murder, yet the criminal justice system historically hasn’t done anything about it. In fact, sometimes they even condone them when it’s a federal task force doing some puritan Nanny State raid for some petty drug or small-caliber firearm offense.

    Trump’s condemning of this killing and his involvement of the DOJ means, as I have always said, that he is a keen politician that can read the masses. I think even White Republicans are becoming alarmed thanks to all the cellphone and body camera videos on YouTube. Trump would have never condemned a White-on-Black police killing in 2016. But four years of social media later is equivalent to a century of social change in more idyllic (read boring) ancient times.

    1. Yeah, cops are hated by Blacks and others for a reason. However, their egotistical pride gets in the way. It’s similar to how Blacks etc. have major faults, but they’re not willing to face them upfront.

  2. Another thing is that in the police brutality incidents, Black people almost always instigate the cops in some way which often leads to the legal justification for their execution by the police, though not necessarily the moral justification.

    The Black instigation is rarely caught on camera because the incident hasn’t escalated to the point warranting a body cam activation or a morbidly curious crowd gathering to watch the po-po had out a beat-down. A bit of Mr. Floyd’s resistance is recorded as he is pulled out of his car. However, he didn’t do much resistance afterwards, so I’m sure that cop was just a Cluster B psycho killer. He seemed eerily calm as he squeezed the life out of that poor man.

    Anyone who makes it past ten years in a the police or a combat arms unit in the military is a psychopathic to a significant degree. I’m not insulting cops or troops, this is just a “soft skill” professional requirement. If you are too empathic, those martial occupations will literally kill you or drive you insane.

    When Europeans and 1st-world Asian people see these videos, they must think Americans are a bunch of savages. I beg to differ. America has a 30% Black and Hispanic population. It’s a little Afro-Latin-America embedded within a larger Anglo-America. If the White Nationalists have one thing right, it’s that when racial diversity increases – especially with the IQ, violence, and phenotype disparity is as great as that between Northern European Whites and Blacks – these things are inevitable.

    Factor in the ready availability of guns, and you have a recipe for an understandably paranoid police force waging war on low-class people who listen to “fuck dah po-lice” rap music. Of course, many use this to argue against the right to bear arms. That’s besides the point. Arm your already violent minorities and see how your Polizia will react.

    You think the darkies misbehave in America or that the cops are brutalizing savages here? Ha! Wait till you go down to Jamaica, Ecuador, or Nicaragua. Oh boy, do they make our pigs and niggers look like little angelic cherubs.

    I am 100% sure that the fucking totalitarian/fascist/communist type governments of Europe and East Asia would behave with even more violence if they had the same ARMED ethnic composition as America. My European relatives who are all liberal-leftists, confirm how brutal the police can be in Western Europe, despite not being so murderous.

    This is why Libertarians like me don’t hate America, despite being largely critical of it. It could always be worse. Italy ARRESTED AND JAILED White Nationalists for posting on Stormfront on some BS charges of subversion or hate crime. Germans can’t even hail Hitler without breaking some law.

    1. Well, it’s true that cops cannot nice to criminals. It’s like teachers being nice to students. They get taken advantage of.

      Well, first of all, they can’t socialize with the prisoner/student and secondly they have to strongly have their guard up. Nonetheless, though, there are plenty of cops/teachers who wouldn’t engage in extreme brutality.

  3. The Italian conviction of Stormfronters and more generally the European ban on “hate crimes” is very dystopian.

    “Non-whites are great. Whites are inferior” is okay to say. Why? Because Hitler.
    “Whites are great. Non-whites are inferior” is a hate crime. Why? Because Hitler.

    Mens rea. Mens rea mens rea. MENS FVCKING REA!!!!!!!!!!

    When two statements are:

    inverses of each other in content,
    identical in grammatical structure, and
    identical in justification,

    yet distinct mens rea is established as the only possible explanation is that the government can read the thoughts of the others. That’s how the government knows which group has democratic intentions and the other subversive hateful ones.

    @ Robert, Europe is already prosecuting thought crimes.

    In summary:

      Stormfronters are unsympathetic towards Black lives but are suspicious of police.

      Trump and Republicans are becoming strategically critical of LEO.

      Black people are instigating thugs. Cops are paranoid psychopaths, a necessary evil.

      European and East Asian developed nations are fucking hypocrites.

      Thought crimes are coming to a brainwashing theater near you.

      And SJWs are still faggots.

    1. SJWs are useful idiots – also destined to be disposed of. It’s really sad, actually. I mean, these people give their heart and soul to environmentalism etc.. – only to be genocided – by elites with an Earth agenda.

        1. UN Agenda 21 wants 95 percent of the population gone. Who knows how but most people won’t be in the lifeboat.

          1. It’s just a conspirary theory and an invalid one at that. Do you also watch David Icke videos with relish? 95 percent huh… And how will they go about it? Nukes? Contaminate corn, rice and wheat? Some kind of virus?

          2. Just for the record, I agree with Rishi. There is no plan to reduce the human population but 95%. Jason can go on believing it as much as he wants, but I ain’t throwing any money into that pot, nope.

          3. It’s just a conspiracy theory and an invalid one at that. Do you also watch David Icke videos with relish? 95 percent huh… And how will they go about it? Nukes? Contaminate corn, rice and wheat? Some kind of virus?

            Many elites are on record saying they want this. Also, all major nations and plenty of smaller ones signed it.

            How will they go about it? Well, ideally they want to use vaccines, etc., but seriously, nothing aside from planned genocide would probably reduce the population in the time frame needed. What’s really creepy is that because things are so normal (until recently), nobody aside from kooks and nuts ever notices it.

            O.K., the Nazis were fervent believers in population reduction and indeed, they did reduce the population the best they could, showing if organized powerful groups want to do that, they can!

  4. In America, you can be killed by the police for being Black or acting like an asshole. You can posses firearms legally but risk the chance of being killed by a cop because of it. But you can post on-line all the Adolf erotica you want. In Europe and East Asia, the opposite. Despite my criticism of other developed societies, these societal circumstances may very well just reflect the will and priorities of its denizens. Maybe they don’t want Black people or mass gun ownership.

    Maybe they prefer safety over free speech. American 1776er types love to quote Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    And I personally agree, but one shouldn’t be moralistic about it. Europe went from feudalism to World Wars to fascism & communism to what it is now. Tyranny – destruction – tyranny – partial freedom. In Christian times, there was never the laissez-faire capitalism Wild West of pre-WW II America which many conservatives and libertarians still hold on to.

    Americans accidentally ended up with a libertarianesque society because they landed on a sparsely inhabited continent whose only opponents were shirtless savages. They also had an entire ocean separating them from European monarchs. Factor in the different cultures of assimilated Amerindians and the persecuted low-born Protestants with that of mainstream Protestant and Catholic nobility, and the American mentality because inevitable. Inevitable is the key word.

    The American mentality WAS NOT EARNED. It was pure happenstance. In a sense, the disgusting French and Bolshevik revolutions are far greater examples of an oppressed people waking up. Those crazy French and Russians actually dreamed up a different version of society. Who cares if is was more or less free than the American model at the time. It was a true spontaneous struggle against the establishment.

    The American revolution was not progressive, it was reactionary. That is, American Patriots fought to keep their New World society against the oppression of the British East India company. The Europeans revolutions fought to forge a novel society amidst a feudalistic sea with heredity-based stratification.

    Europeans are still gay as fuck. Don’t get me wrong. Because they’ve never had a true taste of freedom unless they are raised the the US or Australia (maybe). All the young adult Europeans I’ve met studying or working in liberal US cities are fucking left-leaning SJW authoritarians (the Church Lady Left) who are too far gone in the Euro mentality to even notice it.
    What they do notice is how dangerous America is with all its guns, drugs, police, and rock ‘n’ roll. Oh yes, and is it! But liberty comes at the expense of safety, AMICI MEI.


    Well, at least Stromfronters are not pulling punches. In fact, liberal groups kiss black babies – but really want to kill them – and the parents. However, it’s Mr. Rogers “soft kill”. It’s Bill Gates NWO population reduction.

    1. I don’t know about all these Bill Gates conspiracies, but billionaires tend to be Democrat supporters for a reason. Once your company (Tesla and Berkshire Hathaway, I’m talking to you) becomes as powerful as an entire government agency, it’s in your benefit to kill free market completion and essentially create government-corporate public-private hybrid monopoly or oligopoly.

      The Fortune 500’s don’t think paying high taxes is economically efficient, but they know a 30% tax is cheaper than having mid-sized or foreign competitors.

      1. Why would Democrats be happier about anti-competitive monopolies than Republicans? Doesn’t make sense.

        Also this is the failed Libertarian argument that somehow the fucked up senseless magic Strangeglove hand of the market is messed up by government regulation, which “favors big companies over small and helps big companies smash small competitors.” Solution of course is for the government to get out of the way and let Hurricane Free Market do whatever typical senseless chaos it does. Unregulated free markets don’t work because free markets act completely insane. There is no magic hand. It’s nothing but chaos and craziness.

        1. Big companies can align with Democrat goals easily. If the taxes are high, and the regulatory burden is too costly, it prevents others from entering the market. Afterwards, the market because quite regulated.

          Republicans push for less corporate tax and regulation which makes it easier for smaller competitors to enter a market.

          So it’s not really about a regulated market or a planned economy. It is really is just favoritism and the protection of existing wealthy players which is something both libertarians and true leftist can agree is bad. Again, the outrage to the former is the favoritism, the outrage to the latter is on helping the rich get richer artificially.

          1. The SJW affirmative pro women & minority policies are also regulatory burdens that stifle mid-sized competitors. The cost of recruiting top minority and female talent is high.

            And if companies want to avoid discrimination lawsuits they must hire a certain percentage of minorities and women. The Fortune 500s get the top of the bell curve minorities and the most driven women. These kids are often Ivy League graduates.

            A Fortune 500 doesn’t care about the race or gender of its employees. As long as the IQ’s and motivation are equivalent to White or Asians, they can mindlessly execute the company’s platform just the same. They are just high-IQ cogs in a machine after all.

            But there’s only so many useful bitches and darkies to go around. So mid-sized companies have to pay up for the B team and suffer that way. Small companies don’t have this issue, but they are never serious competitors to big companies.

            On a side note, women are so unbelievably lazy outside of school it’s pathetic. I understand women tend to be higher in conscientiousness than men, and perhaps this is why they score slightly higher on average on IQ tests. But they act like the bitches when they are at work. Not all of them, but about 75% of women employees not recruited from ranked colleges I consider to be dead weight.

            I didn’t have this prejudice against women until I started working. OMG. It’s like they think they are getting paid just for having a pussy. They are either husband-shopping or being bankrolled by one. I don’t mind their laziness per se, but I find it shockingly comical.

          2. IQ tests have favored men by 4-5 points forever. Recently however, women have matched men due to huge increases in women’s visuospatial ability, probably due to all these gadgets. The sexes are now equal in IQ. Well, actually women score .2 points (!) higher than men on IQ tests now. That’s a difference without a distinction. That literally means that they are scoring exactly the same. The whole time men scored 4.5 points higher than women there was a complete blackout on this evil fact to the point where if you pointed it out you were a misogynist.

            If they dealt with it at all, women had the usual just-so arguments and theories in search of facts that marks all feminism. Most of these theories were not even falsifiable (most IdPol theory is not falsifiable). So feminist theory isn’t just untrue and factually incorrect. That’s the least of it. Feminist theory isn’t even wrong! And that goes for all IdPol faggotized theories about anything.

            However, now that women have matched men, this meaningless .2 point difference is being ejaculated all over the Cultural Left feminist media, which is all of the media. The headlines repeat endlessly. “Women Are Smarter Than Men (LOL)!” followed by the usual female chauvinism and sexism combined with everyday male bashing.

            The Cultural Left media is fucktarded. And it’s pure propaganda, as bad as Pravda was. And most of it isn’t even false on cultural matters. Instead the Cultural Left media isn’t even wrong! Their theories tend to be non-falsifiable like all IdPol BS theory.

          3. Well we don’t tax or regulate corporations at all anymore. There’s nothing preventing small players from moving in other than that the big firms are for all intents and purposes monopolies. And tax and regulation would be just as much a burden to a small company as to a big one.

            This argument makes no sense. Anyway we are already trying it. The regulations and taxes are gone. See lots of small corporations flooding the market. Nope. Nothing but endless consolidation and mergers to where many industries are controlled by 3-4 big companies. This virus has shown us how disastrous that is. Three or four companies go down, and now we don’t have anymore meat.

            Anyway the only real barriers to entry are probably economies of scale that large corporations use and dumping, both of which Libertarins love. Also Libertarians love monopolies and do not believe that any monopoly laws should be enforced.

            Go to Sweden sometime. Socialist Hellhole, heavy taxes, and definitely considerable regulation of business, probably the most regulated market economy around. Walk around Stockholm. You will see rows and rows of more small businesses than you can count.

            The Communists won in Northern Italy for many years. One thing they did was severely prejudice big business and favor small business to a dramatic degree. Now no one regulates and taxes like Commies. But the result was a total explosion of small business in the north for many years. I have talked to business owners who ran small businesses and they said they were happy with Communist rule and even voted Communist. So here, the way to get the most small businesses and competition was heavy state involvement in the private sector in various ways.

            Libertarians always insist that statists defend big companies and set up regulations, taxes and whatnot all to prejudice small businesses in favor of the big businesses that the statists love. Never seen any evidence for this in my life. It’s a theory in search of facts to prove it, which are not forthcoming.

          4. IQ:

            Are you saying women’s verbal and mathematical IQ hasn’t increased since the 70’s? Only their visual-spatial IQ and thus their composite IQ score?

            If that’s the case then it is like the White-Asian IQ comparison. Whites have highest verbal IQ but Asians the highest composite IQ due to math and visual spatial scores. Thus according to some, Whites are actually the smartest humanoids to have escape Eden.

            I can definitely tell that women’s IQ distribution has a smaller spread. The biggest retards or geniuses I meet are always men. Women are quite basic. However, since male retards are usually at home, institutionalized, or in jail, I end up with the anecdotal impression that women are smarter.

            This last point cannot be over looked. If A tree falls and nobody is there to here it, does it make a sound? If a low-IQ male is born but is never present in society, does he count as a member of his sex?

            If he never reproduces does he count? It’s a well-known fact that most women can easily get laid, yet only half of men historically have produced offspring. This is pop-science garbage article but the 17:1 female:male reproduction ration is shocking even if it is only 1/8 true (i.e. 2:1).

            God’s humanity factory seems to have a high and tight success rate when spitting out women, but many if not most men are just rejects form the mold. Which is fascinating because in many traditional societies, including China’s until recently, females infants are killed in favor of males.

            This may sound like cruelty to females. But considering that less Victorian societies are no-bullshit commonsense do-or-die-by-Lion-claw communities, it may signify a vote of confidence in favor of females. That is, since female qualities are tightly distributed, one can haphazardly kill them in infancy and still be fairly sure that the surviving child will grow up to be fuckable and fertile. Whereas with men, you need to wait until sexual maturity to see if the penis-wielder will be a dud or a stud.


            I’ll look into the Northern Italy case. I haven’t heard of that counterexample although I have your general argument before.

    2. “And I personally agree, but one shouldn’t be moralistic about [freedom versus safety].”

      “be sanctimonious* about it,” is better wording.

      1. I’m so tired of sanctimonious pieces of shit. They’ve been persecuting me my whole life, always calling me evil and a bad person and bad man. I’m not a bad person or even a bad man. I’m just a bad boy, and that’s not the same thing. But boy do sanctimonious shits hate bad boys. They’re a bunch of Goddamned busybody Karens and Church Ladies. Cops I mean pigs excuse me are also horribly sanctimonious. Fuck you pigs. Fuck you and fuck half your laws.

        Fuck you, fuck courts, fuck judges, fuck DA’s, fuck jails, fuck jailers, fuck jail guards, fuck prisons, fuck prison guards, fuck probation officers, fuck the whole Goddamned State Carceral System. You’re all Goddamned faggots and the system is Faggotry personalified. Fuck you, you fucking faggots.

        And yeah, I am very Libertarian in that sense. Probably anarchist, more properly.

        1. Sanctimonious enlisted folk who praise capitalism yet live off government paychecks and literally produce nothing is why I left the military. some of the pettiest faggots I have met are non-commissioned officers (sergeants and the like). Men and women. White or black.

          I still give them my political support. But I stay the hell away from those type of people if I can avoid them.

  6. Might have to side with the Blacks on this one. No reason to loot but the cops were in the wrong. If there were more racist Whites around they might have saved the Black. Not an intellectual racist but a hillbilly not afraid to fling rocks from his hill. Not a coon hunter but a White not afraid to get dirty. A guy not afraid to headbutt the cops in handcuffs may have been needed at this time.

    MN folks are often passive aggressive softie do nothings. Sometimes you need more than an argument. The people around the cop opposed him, but that didn’t help. A reckless White fist speaking self-sacrificing hero could’ve knocked the cop off and saved this Black.

    1. That could be right – lol. No doubt softie-leftists will be killed by the globalists – probably honored as suicide pilots of sorts.

    2. That would have been beautiful to see. Midwesterners may be too Nordic in their genetic makeup to be so bold. The Whites there are peaceful unracists compared to feisty Southern Whites.

        1. Hell I am a Leftist aging hippie/punk in California and I don’t like cops too much either. Some are ok but basically I simply don’t trust them and the less interaction you have with those fuckers, the better off you will be. Any interactions a citizen like me might have with police are unlikely to be pleasurable.

          I never see cops, excuse me pigs, unless they are fucking with me for some reason. They act like they hate me when they see me and they do seem to go out of their way to pull over for petty bullshit reasons where it seems like they are just harassing me for no good reason. I’m not sure why they hate me. Cops usually look at me with hatred like I’m a criminal. My Mom said, “You look like a hippie. Cops hate hippies.” Best analysis I can see so far.

          Some cops are cool and some are even really nice to me, so it really depends on the cop. I basically hate them as a group or class better yet (the pig class) but individual cops may be quite nice, depending. Or they could be complete dicks. Cops have to be taken individually on a one to one basis.

          But I think their default personality is set to “Asshole for no reason.” And yeah, I don’t dig that shit. I basically call em pigs right to their faces if I’m mad at them. Well not to their faces.

          I get about 50 feet away with something I can hide behind and a quick escape route after I say it, or at least I did last time. I called a couple of cops pigs recently, a man and a woman. They’re were both scumfucks and they picked a fight with me for no reason, so I told em off. Then I dodged behind a wall outside the pawnshop so they couldn’t see me and I got buzzed into shop 30 seconds later, so it was all good. When I came out, the pigs were gone, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

          I’ll tell you one thing. If you are a victim of a crime that the cops bother to investigate, they are very, very nice to you. Nicest people around. I will say that cops treat crime victims quite well.

      1. Also, the Eloi became stupid and child-like. Almost like White suburban kids on too much social-media and pot. The Morlocks became really smart at least in a predatory sense, like those Black dudes who after spending 30 years in jail for murder spent by reading books, fighting other prisoners, and raping Whites, are then released into the world. Old, cold, and hard.

        1. Good point. Sorry to delete comment. I don’t like to give spoilers and spoilers tag don’t work on comments.

          Yeah, the problem with The Welfare State is it produces childish adults mostly interested in gossip, video games, watching movies. It’s just not very mature. Now that’s not saying those that those things are bad, but they are if someone’s life revolves around it.

      2. Hi CLAVDIVS, could you please capitalize Whites, Blacks and any other major races. That’s how I like it here.

        1. Sure. On that note, you can refer to me as Claudius if not typing in all caps. I’m being a Latin alphabet purist with my all caps V = u, I = j spelling.

          And why did the avatar pictures changed? I had grown fond of that dancing red thing.

          1. I’ll put it back on then. I can’t even see it on my end for some stupid reason.

    3. Hi Polar Bear, could you please capitalize Blacks, Whites and other major races. I prefer it that way on this site.


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