The Fear of the Global Cabal – Overpopulation

In a sense, I can understand the fear. Look at the following movie:  (warning spoilers)

Soylent Green Spoiler

The population in over-polluted 2022 (how ironic the year) is 40 million in NYC alone. The people are forced to eat veggieburgers, only it seems that the new product is Soylent Green, which is made from plankton. Only it’s not made of that. It’s made of something else. Guess what?


This all goes back  to Malthus and his population theory in which it was noted that once the population was too large, a society could not function normally. The consequences would be terrible beyond imagination.


The reduction in population of 95 percent before 2030 cannot be achieved normally, though they might say this to avoid scaring people. Only mass genocide would produce it, and there’s no evidence the globalists have backed out of this plan (UN Agenda 21).

Other Options

This is a tough one. Christians might believe God can make a way to make the world sustainable for future population growth. Maybe there could be space colonization. But the cabal – which people say is Satanically driven – does not believe that’s possible.

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