Nobody Notices the Weird and Scary When Things Are Normal

Nope, people are caught up in making money, sports, or whatever they do most of the time.

How many of them last year would even think the world would be like this now?

However, the Christian faith demands that people believe in the possibility of the odd breaking out at any time even when things are normal. Yet this is tough to do, and I don’t think even people that believe in it – that is, really believe in it. They wouldn’t believe in it until a scenario like that of today shows up.

Plenty of other people – as hard as it is to fathom – don’t view our present reality as something truly different from  whatever they are normally used to. They think things will go back to normal next year, and this aberration will be another somewhat-forgotten tragedy like 9/11.

These people won’t be going into survival mode due to this virus because they believe there’s a future.

Scenes from Movies
The Terminator and Ghostbusters II Spoilers

The protagonist in The Terminator (the one trying to save Sarah Conner) was seen as an raving loon by the cops. The beginning scene in Ghostbusters II had Bill Murray in a paranormal TV show  mocking the guests.

My Own Doubts

It involves the fact that I didn’t really take Oprah, Ted Turner, etc. seriously. I didn’t believe their beloved plan (UN Agenda 21) could be carried out – the very plan I see coming to fruition right now.

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2 thoughts on “Nobody Notices the Weird and Scary When Things Are Normal”

  1. But this is human nature which has been observed all throughout human history…People… simply move on. In fact I believe most of us consciously try to bury the past and get moving. Why do you think the same idiotic politicians are elected every 4 years in every democracy in the world? Everyone is hopeful during elections – they say this time will be different, a new change…And then things go back to the way they were and…people move on and live with it. Remember the Obama hoopla?

    If you’d have given anyone a future binoculars to look through in 2018 or 2019 and look at this year – everywhere people in masks, streets empty…nobody would believe it. We all heard the issues in Wuhan in December 2019 but did anyone give two fucks? But its here now – right out of a sci-fi movie…Heck, its pretty much I Am Legend except the zombie freaks. And everyone’s sayin the world will change, we are in the midst of a revolution.

    But once things get back to normal and the sports arenas and movie theaters open, once the restaurants and public parks open…I guarantee you no one will remember this phase or even use precautionary measures installed and hammered in us all these months. Humans are predictable animals.

    1. Awesome comment, Rishi. That’s some real nice prose too, some of the best I’ve ever seen you write. And there’s a lot of wisdom for a young man. Thoughts like this don’t even occur to most people. In fact, in 62 years, I’m not sure if I ever even considered this idea. But I think there is something to it. People just…move on…exactly, just as you put it. It’s what we do. We move on and we are always putting the past behind us and saying either it didn’t happen or it happened the opposite of how it did or it didn’t matter anyway. Time to move on. Life is for the living. The past is dead bla bla. It’s probably a damned adaptive mindset.

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