I’d Like to Get into Video Games Again

I’ve spent most of my post-30 year old life working on website projects, but now things are coming toward an end with the NWO enslavement/genocide, so I’d like to enjoy the  sorts of things that people with no hopes and dreams are  into.

The projects I was doing, though very meaningful and well done (like the massive music lesson project which amassed thousands of followers), never made any money, so I should have worked on the side at a real job at least part-time. However, I have this huge anxiety about people thinking they want to start something.

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2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Get into Video Games Again”

  1. You know I have these moments…And it’s happening a lot ever since I turned 30. A sense of resignation. A realization that life has no meaning and purpose. And this makes me subscribe to the libertine/hedonistic ideal…If we are gonna go, might as well enjoy the moment. Live it. Revel in it and then fade away. When I look at videos of plane crashes (TWA 800 specifically) and how in a moment one ceases to exist, or the 80 million odd people who died in WW2 (happily living in the moment just 5 years prior, oblivious) it only reaffirms my belief. Which leads me to your subject…I love gaming. It is a hedonistic source of pleasure.

    I love my PS4 and my VR and can’t wait for the PS5. I love futuristic technology and want to experience it all before I depart this existence. I also love cozy blankets and nice bedrooms. A nice big television attached to my console. I want to live that for 20-odd years and then die in the bed.

  2. One of the sane things you can do now. I just started playing games again. Took out Xbox 360 and old Nintendo systems, and they still work.

    My personal favorites

    Zelda franchise
    Splinter Cell series
    Mario franchise
    GTA series
    BioShock- What a game.
    Metroid series
    Portal series- Puzzly games
    Punch Out games
    Many more

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