Elderly Alzhiemer’s Patients – Beaten by Black Caretakers


But of course this gets no attention, while the one in Minnesota gets nationwide, probably worldwide eyeballs.

This is the problem with journalism that White Nationalists, though full of biased hate, are quick to point out.

The endgame of doing this is to portray the globalists as compassionate, I think to draw people in even though the globalists really want to kill most Blacks, like want to do everyone else. Probably even White Supremacists would look like Mr. Rogers compared how globalists would deal with them (UN Agenda 21 – 95 percent population reduction).


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One thought on “Elderly Alzhiemer’s Patients – Beaten by Black Caretakers”

  1. Here’s a something that makes White people look bad. I consider people like the White woman in the video to be true racists, not even race realists. A keen race realist can tell who’s who among racial groups based on their expression and mannerisms. In fact, most cops have this skill. This fat bitch probably just wanted some big black dick. She seemed oddly coy in her interaction.


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