Childish Grownups

I’ve been accused of this myself.

However, I’ve spent countless hours building up a huge music lesson site, and creating it was as “fun” as working at McDonald’s (sarcasm). Someone could argue I wasn’t on my feet creating the website, but definitely what I was doing was work.

There’s a whole class of people of whom I was wrongly thrown in with who literally spend all their time on social media chatting on forums or making little sites with no hope of real traffic or money, looking at their cellphones, or playing video games. This is their life.

I tried to encourage one guy with a gaming forum to go the extra mile and do something with it. But these types are all on a fixed income. For instance, this guy has autism.

These people are not willing to do anything involving paid income because they live on a limited government income, and they’re unwilling to sacrifice any part of that. They do make sacrifices but these don’t increase traffic to their sites because their sites are simply too small to benefit from the added work. They don’t have the courage to make real sacrifices, work, or get a bank loan. A bank loan is a real possibility for some, but they seem to be under some delusion that sites with little or no money put into them can still bring in people and profit. Or so it seems.

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