Almost Everyone Seems to Be Buying into the Covid-19 Enslavement

To various degrees. Red states are more suspicious. For instance, neighboring Virginia, being newly blue, is requiring face masks in public, while Tennessee, where I’m at, is becoming more free.

I’m not saying Covid is a hoax like Alex Jones is. I think it’s real, but no doubt it is a NWO scheme to start the depopulation process. It’s a soft-kill thing because people are totally unaware – being led into the gas chamber with smiles and hugs.

The another night I watched a little of Saturday Night Live, a show obviously appealing to SJWs. They’re making fun of Covid-19 quarantine without actually criticizing it. I feel sorry for these types because it’s more than likely that they’re going to get disposed of just like people who are less trusting of medical authorities.

I Fell for This Scam at First

Well, I was somewhat skeptical, as I thought it was the Chinese – perhaps a Chinese plot to weaken America. But by now it’s obviously clear it’s a Satanic elite coup.



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