The Social Justice Distraction

This is where the opponents of the evil regime paint the opposition as racist, homophobic, fat-phobic whatever so that a great mass of people (no pun intended – LOL) will object because, well, they don’t like it. Despite the anti-SJW theme of this blog generally, people have a right to offended by insults. If groups are calling people fat, someone might say, “Hey, wait a second. I’m fat!”.

This is so clever because the social justice people are simply puppets, more than often unknowingly, of a regime that actually only wants to kill them.  The UN Agenda of population reduction (no pun intended again – LOL) is all written out in broad daylight but because things seem so normal, until recently, nobody takes “the weird” seriously.

Indeed, there are a lot of bad apples such as Cluster B idiots to make sure this scheme continues.  The Archie Bunker stereotype isn’t false. You can see it everywhere. Yet it doesn’t adequately represent all anti-SJW or anti-government types.

We Are All in This Together, Brother

I saw this crap playing on TVs for sale at Wal-Mart. It’s so unerringly 1984-ish it’s beyond shock. But that’s exactly the trap for much of the population. In other words, bomb them with love like they’re in some religious cult. Nevertheless, the end game is enslavement and then slaughter, just like with cows (Oh, another pun).

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3 thoughts on “The Social Justice Distraction”

  1. Who’s the star of the show? Archie Bunker. Hate him or love him, how would the show be without him? Him and Cartman of Southpark end being beloved even though the writers originally intended to them to be heels. Why do gays often find straights more interesting? Non-Whites can become obsessed Whites. I know a # of women that hate their female friends. Ned Flanders is everything they say they want in Whites but guys like him get bitch slapped, molly whopped, and clawed by said groups. No, they need a God to suck or a devil to cuck. Audiences seem to think racist antisemitic straight White men are the most captivating people on planet Earth. People at war with this group have admitted they are more interesting.

    1. Excellent point, but bigots are still massive propaganda to get people to vote in pro-tolerance candidates. They may find bigots darkly interesting, but they’re still voting Democrat.

      Yeah, Ned Flanders is bitch slapped, but then again, look at The Simpsons writers. They’re just playing on a false stereotype of the good man being a wimp. Is that REALLY accurate?

    2. I mentioned before that sinners are way more fun than saints. If you’re going to be a saint, be prepared for no fun. But is life always about fun? Ask yourself that!

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