My Experience at a Dope-Head Motel

Shockingly, it was a major chain. There were just enough dope-heads staying there to make the place seem properly Hellish. The overall vibe was of the Mark of the Beast or a zombie flick, both of which are part of the Final Solution project of the Satanic elite.

I saw some mean-looking gang type men and at least two women staring like they were demon-possessed.  There was even a screaming woman to add to the overall effect. To top it off, later I heard the motel manager say she was going to call the cops.

To prevent scenes like this, another chain motel in town literally banned locals from staying there.


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5 thoughts on “My Experience at a Dope-Head Motel”

  1. Hey Jason, what was the dope of choice there? These days meth is big, but heroin has made a big comeback. Can you explain how anyone can stick a needle in their arm? Just the sight of one makes me freak.

    1. I used to shoot Vitamin B12 once a week with a needle. It was no big. But I was just skin popping, not aiming for veins. Aiming for veins is way more painful.

  2. I hate what meth does to women. I’m for temporary enslavement of meth users. Call it mandatory rehab. If we can target those problem years they can have more full and happy life overall. Drugees can have an undead quality.

  3. The possible long term damage of cocaine/crack is Parkinson’s (Robin Williams was in early stages, so committed suicide.) – so that’s something else to avoid.

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