Land of Toys

Known in the Disney movie Pinnochio as Pleasure Island. This reminds me of the devolution I think will happen with the Mark of the Beast:

The original take to the Land of Toys mixes the aspects of a morality tale with those of social critique. Children (depending upon the translation of the original Italian, the novel has included both boys and girls or only boys) are lured there by the Coachman with the promise of never having to go to school again and being able to spend their whole time having fun.

They never have to do any work or learn anything, and the graffiti on all the walls is proof of that. Finally, after months of reckless abandonment, the true purpose of the land is revealed. As a result of their immodest behavior and ignorance, and what is treated almost as a natural consequence, they become donkeys (in Italian culture, the donkey is symbolic of ignorance, stupidity, goofiness and labor).

The transformation is not instantaneous, but usually happens in the span of a single day. First the children’s ears sprout out into those of a donkey. This first change seems to be an early symptom, for it is always several hours before the complete asinine change begins.

Then, in a process which the book seems to describe as painful, the children are forced to the ground in a quadrupedal stance, unable to stand upright any longer.

It is at this point of animalistic behavior that the children’s minds seem to transform into that of unthinking beasts; they begin to lose speech and run around chaotically, braying, kicking and violently ripping off their human clothes until naked and fully transformed, usually in such a violent manner as to seem crazed.

However, a piece of their human minds seems to remain in the fact that they are aware that they are being humiliated. Then, as they lash out in asinine instincts, children’s hands and feet become hooves, their faces transform into equine muzzles, and they grow hair all over their bodies.

The last thing that happens to them is the growth of donkey tails; this is considered the most humiliating segment of the transformation in the fact that it signals their absolute and irreversible transformation into donkeys.

Once the transformation is complete, the Coachman and his minions sell the donkeys to different farmssalt minescircuses, and any other place that would make use of the donkeys they receive.

Some commentators have said that the sudden, yet completely clean (no graphic, obscene, or overtly scary descriptions are used) transformation can seem terrifying to younger children. Adaptations of the scene have been labeled as too frightening for certain age groups.

When framed in the context of the late 19th century, the chapters set in the Land of Toys also serve as social commentary: abandoning school means securing oneself a future with no other way to make a living but through hard back-breaking labor, and there are plenty of people (like the ruthless coachman) who will always try to take advantage of that.

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One thought on “Land of Toys”

  1. Remember that Pinocchio, though a beautiful story, has an intense Masonic theme. And therefore not to be taken at face value.

    People who refuse schooling don’t turn into donkeys. They have no greater chance than anyone to turn into animals, and if they happen to undergo animal transformation, it will be into a wild free animal. It is people who overvalue schooling who turn into barn animals, as schooling – beyond the learning of language – is mostly mind formatting not mind exertion, and animalization begins in the mind via learning never to think out of the box or to question the version of reality you are given.

    That can be seen so many times in history: over-schooled peoples more often than others succumb to totalitarian doctrines that will send them to hard labor and will reduce the future generations they beget into robotic slaves.

    In Africa people fear for turning into animals not if they avoid schooling but if they avoid the homegrown rituals of celebration of the supernatural which ask for intellect to be unplugged, not harnessed. Refusal to look for truth and evolution may result in one turning into a donkey, but schooling even of the best kind is generally harmful to one’s personal quest for truth.

    One more thing. Animal transformation is not devolution because every human being has an animal double. The important thing is to make sure one’s animal double is a good animal that freely participates in nature’s grand ballet and helps children against danger or allow them to enjoy pleasures, not a slave animal or a beast of prey.

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