You Will Be as Gods, Knowing Good and Evil

It would make sense if the finale to everything would be a return to the start of Genesis where Adam and Eve were told they don’t need God and can eat the apple and thereby make their own decisions about morality and acquire immortality on their own.

Computers seem to be smart enough to act as the Apple (Apple Computers – lol?) in the garden. Bill Gates and other population genocide schemers are wanting to fuse with machines to be immortal, and of course, they don’t have to submit to God’s prudish rules.

Why is this notion (along with eugenics) so sickening to so many? Because it’s pure blasphemy.

Will Everyone Get on the Ride?

No, sorry. They want to reduce the population by ~95%. It’s not going to be Henry Ford making a model-T for the masses.

No, for some reason – probably selfish – they simply want to quickly kill off most common folk – the same people buying their products. So much for the profit motive idea in evil.

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