Alt Left: Genocide? What White Genocide?

My Mom laughs about these people. I mention Nordicists to her and she shrugs her shoulders, chuckles as if talking about a silly person, and asks:

Why don’t they just move to Iceland…or Idaho?

My sister hears it, shakes her head and starts giggling. I tell my Mom about White Genocide theories, and she just chuckles, shrugs her shoulders, and says:

Oh well, looking around at this town, I’d say White people are going to be around a pretty long time.

She’s right. Last time I went to an event in her town (I think Halloween dinner event), there must have been 75 people there, and I didn’t see one non-White. Lots of red hair too! Gingers are hardly going extinct despite WN handwringing, and with all this hair dye nowadays, who cares about hair color anyway?

I was looking around at that Halloween dinner crowd and thinking:

White genocide? LOL I don’t think so. Not yet anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Genocide? What White Genocide?”

  1. The Northern half of my state is damn White. I like it up there but bigger cities have perks too. I sort of like segregation and diversity. Let’s go Greektown for lamb filled gyros bathed in tzatziki or Chinatown for fat eggrolls to dunk in plum sauce. Something nice about an Italian that doesn’t speak English making your pizza.

    Many model minorities in the US, the argument for WN may be stronger elsewhere. In parts of Europe, non-Whites seem to be pushing it. Why should Sweden have no go areas?

    Europeans seem to create a lot. I’m typing from a TV which was invented by a Scotsman. The health food dining options in the US from a California woman evoking what she experienced in France. Hippies started in Germany, a reaction to industrialism. European Whites have contributed so much positive to mother Earth and humanity.

  2. Robert, totally off topic…have you ever written on the Gypsies or Roma people? They have a terrible reputation in Europe, and upon researching and reading, it is very well deserved. They lie, scam, live off the land, refuse to work, and make many babies just to mooch off the system and beg for alms.

    What is fascinating is that these are all typical Indian characteristics.

    There was a comment on Quora by a Swedish woman who wrote, “They come on board buses and trains, start singing, and then harass the public to shell out coins”. You know what? This phenomenon is rampant in every Indian city. We’ve gotten used to it for centuries now. They are perfectly capable yet won’t work. Completely healthy men and women who’d rather beg with pitiful faces. They send their children to beg for alms. If you refuse to give them money, they abuse you. They get the same look on their faces that the majority of Indians do.

    I googled Gypsy and Roma people and lo and behold, they look like Indians. They literally are Indians, and if they come here, I doubt anyone would be able to tell them apart. On Wiki it’s mentioned that they have historical roots in India (the state of Rajasthan to be precise)!!!

    It makes me wonder if there was something to what the Nazis were up to. This is the only blog where I can write things like this and have an open discussion. Perhaps the stock of the White European is better. They are definitely more industrious and rational.

    Another comment on Quora got my attention. He wrote, “We White Europeans have a different outlook. We work and plan for the future. They sit on their asses and live for today”. No amount of integrating or educating will change this inherent trait.

    We have discussed Indians openly here. I believe the Indian racial stock is defective. What the Gypsies denote are the characteristics of every Indian from the poorest to the richest: afraid of labor, self-obsessed, and only concerned with themselves. With this outlook come a host of terrible traits: greed, avarice, jealousy, pettiness, arrogance, self-centeredness, etc. You have exposed some but you don’t know even 10 percent of it, as one must live here to observe it.

    This is a totally different mindset from the White man who is individualistic, rational, and desirous of creating a hopeful utopia. I disagree with you on a few things (chiefly you’re obsessed with good and morality, whilst I believe in amorality as the law of life), but the fact is that the White man creates the right sort of society. But his individualism and lack of connection will lead to not only his extinction eventually, but also to the future world which will be full of the lower stocks of humanity.

    I cannot seem to recollect exactly which animal, but there are instances of one of its kind building the home or nest and then the other pouncing on it, invading, and dethroning the creator and taking over the home. Maybe a species of ant or crabs, not certain. But this is the scenario which will happen either way to us humans (though not in our lifetime at least).

    Perhaps genetics is the reason. Brain chemistry or makeup is different among the races and cannot change due to centuries of evolution. This isn’t about culture or religion (you seem to think Hinduism is to blame for the vices of this land), but rather genetics and environmental factors. Perhaps there were some variations of the European stock in India, for there are some very hard-working Indians around.

    And maybe the hatred for other Indians is justified then? For we know what they are like because they live amongst us, and we realize how inherently useless they are. Perhaps there was racial mixing with a race that was lazy and of lower stock long ago. Who knows?

    I write a lot and expect a discussion, but you rarely do it. I’d like it if you analyzed this post and came up with something, anything.

  3. I forgot to mention two other major traits that the Whites have and the Indian stock distinctly does not (I am not including any other race or regions).

    One is creativity. Westerners are very, very creative. I cannot stress this enough. I’ve observed this whilst living there – in every industry, be it literature or engineering, they strive to invent, to create.

    On the other hand the Indian stock is totally lacking in creativity. You’ve written enough on the education system here which includes nothing but rote learning, mugging up, and following the known. But it’s also apparent in every industry I’ve been a part of. A total lack of creative input and blindingly following the tried and tested. This factor means a lot in the larger context of our evolution and the future of humanity.

    The 2nd factor is inherent goodwill. I’ve noticed that Westerners are inherently good. One can’t stereotype such things obviously, but by and large from observing children to young adults, Whites are nice, inquisitive people. Over here on the other hand, the culture is poisoning because the people are inherently evil.

    Westerners can’t even comprehend this aspect. There is no inherent goodwill. Just competition and annihilation of the Other by any means necessary. Blind belief that they’re the best and fuck the rest. Kinda like Islam which says only Islam matters. Can you fathom a future society where these people create the law of the land? These people aren’t brainwashed, they’re genetically tuned to think this way, and no amount of education or enlightenment can change this.

    I mentioned the issue of morality in the upper comment…I don’t think colonization and imperialism is bad or even wrong. It’s simply a higher and more powerful authority staking claim on the less powerful. Indians seem to think that they were these peace-loving, nature-dwelling people until the evil foreigners came and ruined everything, but the truth is they were always squabbling amongst one another (which is why they were so easily taken over by outsiders).

    Like the Gypsies such people are hardwired to simply slack, only now they have an economy and have enough power to falsely tell the world how they used to be such an elevated race until they were destroyed by the foreigners. And because Western morality causes a certain gullibility, now everyone believes them.

    Whites blame themselves and fail to not see what their ancestors achieved, and that is why you see every Wikipedia and Quora topic twisted by Indians and Jews to represent the way they want reality to be whether that happens to be the truth or not. Eventually when the Whites come to their senses, it will be way too late.

    I am studying German and getting obsessed with German culture. It started with an obsession with WW2, but the more I read on their philosophy and literature the more certain I am that they were a superior stock of people. The works of Goethe in particular are of a greater man. Faust is the finest example of understanding human nature, and how every man must make a Faustian deal to get ahead.

    Nietzsche states that the Ubermensch must rise above the man. This Ubermensch can only happen in an individualistic society. Whites created such a society and were on course towards a better world until things got fucked up. The Ubermensch will be amoral or better still, above morality altogether. A rational being who creates a rational society. Too much to write…

  4. Population control people like Bill Gates want across the board reduction of population down to 2 billion or something. This has little to do with race.

    If anything, a lot of the White Genocide stuff seems like a “confusion scheme” to discredit non-racist anti-population control supporters and to solidify liberal support for leaders who ironically want to kill them.

    For instance, the fact that neo-Nazis etc. have been a notable part of our political scene recently has provided massive propaganda for the Left since anyone opposing “race-blind global genocide” is labeled a racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc..

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