Why Prudish Christian Morality?

This has always been a problem with me, as I can’t see why people would want to submit to morality when being immoral is so much fun! However, looking at this deeper, we can see that even in the Christian realm, sex is more allowed than we think. For instance, Mormons practice polygamy and King Solomon had many wives. We don’t even know what the next world is for the faithful, and there might be a relaxation on sex restrictions in Heaven.

So what’s the point of Christian sex rules?

Well, the end-times nanotech “Satan wants to kill us” meme has got me thinking that the fun out there is only a mechanism to herd animals to slaughter. Now at a lower level, nobody is aware this is true, but higher up, it’s exactly the plan.

Of course, throughout history, the idea is that if you’re bad, you got to hell. But Hell doesn’t scare people, so it makes me wonder if Satan made that up! But the actual end-times truth of population reduction/genocide is definitely showing the true colors with all that’s going on.

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