The White Nationalist Hoax

It’s one because, even though what the two groups each believe is hideous, the elite believes the same thing as the White Nationalists, but they hide behind pink and lavender shirts, dorky glasses – whatever.

Who has the real power? White Nationalists are used as a distraction so nobody can look at the Satanic Elite – one that has a population/genocide goal now in full force once the Covid-19 vaccine comes in.

This leads me to another thought. Maybe Hitler was brought here and allowed to do his horror so the Satanic Elite can have a distraction. In other words, the idea behind Satan’s relationship to the common people of whatever race is “I’m your friend. I’m concerned about you. I’m not a mean Nazi who bullies people.”

Another Thought

The idea of the Jewish elite trying to destroy humanity is another distraction, one that discredits the notion of  human extermination because, well, again, people associate bigots with being bullies/mean. Also, the elite isn’t Jewish. It has some Jews but Gates isn’t Jewish. The eugenicist elite who are leading the way in wanting to lower the population, and oddly enough, Nazis love eugenics!

All in all, it’s a disturbing scenario as convoluted as a spy movie, and in the end, the true evil is obfuscated from the people as usual.

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2 thoughts on “The White Nationalist Hoax”

  1. Today’s Elite Whites are not Jewish but may as well be. There’s nothing White about their spirit. The only difference is a lower IQ average than Elite Jews.

    I’ve heard big Jews could’ve saved little Jews in the Holocaust but didn’t. The little Jew is a pawn, a bit more likely than his Gentile counterpart to reach the other side and become Queen but an expendable pawn nonetheless. Hitler was given money by Elite Jews early on. Hitler was not a puppet but some Zionists’ views aligned with his.

    People often mirror what they hate. Jews and Nazis are eugenic. A White who hates Blacks is often closer to Blacks in behavior.

    1. The Nazi episode provided the population reduction people with a huge historical lesson so that anyone opposing “them” could be labeled “unkind”. In this case, every “compassionate” person and people in general will fall like lambs into the future modern global genocide.

      So now we see 1984-ish ads at Wal-Mart saying “We are in this together.”

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