Is Alex Jones a Racist?

Not all these types are racists in the sense of hardcore White Nationalists. In fact, Jones had a debate with David Duke, and I believe his disagreements with Duke were heartfelt. Likewise, it’s highly unlikely the Fox News crowd – despite all the insults from the Left – are hardcore White Nationalists. In fact, Bill O Reilly also had a debate with David Duke and similarly defended conservative politics while refusing to accept Duke’s racism.


The line is often murky with supporters of these talking heads. In fact, a good number of them seem as if they are on the verge of falling into the White Nationalist pit. Nonetheless, to judge regular people’s morality comes across as being the Thought Police, and of course, blaming the talking heads for racism just because some supporters are racist is off the mark.

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One thought on “Is Alex Jones a Racist?”

  1. Duke’s seen as a pariah. He may have tried to soften his image, and indeed his new approach is more accessible to the unaware and even to non-Whites. He’s always just a Klansman to people that have him on. People should be cordial and prepared with their guests. These Jewboy blowhards think they’ll just bring up he was a Klansman and win. I’ve seen Black haters dismiss Blacks as “niggers” in this way. It just makes the eloquent WN or Black look superior to the person dismissing them.

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