2 thoughts on “265 Million Worldwide Set to Starve Because of Covid-19 Lockdown”

  1. February 7 headline, “Flu Bigger Threat To NYC Than Coronavirus, Experts Say”


    Now you see why I treat non-super-high IQ people with suspicion, and I recommend that these normie academics put a little bit o’ Jesus in their Koo-laid to step up their philosophical game?

    These faggot experts always say the same shit, and then some financial or societal disaster wrecks everything totally opposite of their predictions. Then the occasional naysayer takes credit for predicting the calamity, but really they are career contrarians, so they need some Jebus Kool-aid too.

    Sometimes it’s the opposite. We’ve supposedly been running out of oil and fossil fuels for decades. Yeah right. We keep find more ways to extract from previously unusable deposits. Saying we will run out is like predicting a man will die. No shit. But tell me with precision when!

    If you know for a fact that you’re smart, be it from an IQ test, a very high standardized test score, or something quantifiable that is reconfirmed by “clinical symptoms” like being told you’re smart by other smart people, take your life and health into your own hands.

    The average IQ of US physicians is only 120, similar to academics. That of all college graduates is 112. Doctors are not retarded but definitely not geniuses. Naively speaking, the chance that the general practitioner or first specialist you encounter has a 99th percentile IQ is less than 20% because doctors’ 80th percentile is just about the general population’s 99th percentile.

    So now consider how rich you are. If you aren’t that rich or have excellent health insurance from your investment banking job, are you being attended by the top quintile of doctors? No. Them niggaz is makin’ bank treatin’ dah rich n famous, not yo Black ass. So, removing the top quintile, the average IQ of the pool of doctors realistically, not naively speaking available to the general population is now about 115.

    When you go to the doctor, come with your previous lab results and and force them to compare it line by line with your new ones. Always get second or third opinions. Read numbers, books, articles, and research papers on your confirmed or suspected diagnosis or symptoms to arrive at one.

    Those off-the-grid people, survivalists, and conspiracy theorists sometimes make great points. Shit can and will hit the fan. Are you prepared? Are you over-dependent on the creature comforts and utilities?

    Modern society is a well-oiled machine. Such a precision machine that it’s unfathomable to most people that it’ll stop even temporarily, especially when the point of failure is in their identity-defining specialty (e.g terrorism, the banking system, power-supply, public health). But 9/11, the 2004 blackouts, the 2008 financial crisis, Katrina, Sandy, and now, Covid-19, clearly shows it can stop abruptly.

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