Alt Left: Libertarian Topics It’s Ok to Discuss On Here

If you want to talk about Libertarians on metoo, custody courts, affirmative action, and reparations, ok.

These are all areas of government (and corporate) overreach. I would particularly like to see critiques of the carceral system and carceral state, everybody calling the cops for every little problem, and the fact that about half of the things we want to do in life are now actually or effectively illegal. Every year I look at the new laws, and more things I have been doing my whole life are illegal.

Look at speech codes and hate speech codes. Every week I wake up and another word I’ve been using my whole life is banned. Every other sentence is now some sort of bigotry, offense, or insult needing an apology else your career is over.

It’s not the state that’s doing this. It’s our Sanctimonious Nanny State (a word I hate) Culture or Nanny State Culture that’s firing all these guys. Our culture is now run by Church Ladies (Church Lady Culture) and Stern Nuns with Rulers. No fun allowed! Fun is bigotry! Fun is hate! If you’re having fun, you must be hating, preying up, exploiting or hurting some poor vulnerable soul.

How about the increasingly Puritan Left, Comstock Left, Victorian  Left, or Sex-hating Left. Of course all of this is coming right out  of Sex-Negative Feminism. I came out of the revolutions of the 1960’s. One of our mottoes was, “Do it in the streets!” So my whole life, I’ve been a Do it in the streets type guy. A Hugh Hefner liberal.

The Left is now as sex-hating as the Christian Right. Hell, the only sex-positive politics these days is on the Right! Pathetic! I didn’t sign up for this shit, this prudery. The Left is now championing everything we were opposed and fought against.

The whole carceral state (Mommy Cop) is out of control. I want to see it reigned in. Probably half of our laws should be flushed down the toilet. People can pretty easily solve most of their problems themselves without getting Mommy Cop (the Police State).

Any problem nowadays, snowflakes go yelling for Mommy Cop to come rescue them. “Mommy Cop! He hurt me! He called me a name!” Mommy Cop whips out her ticket book and writes a ticket for yet another of a growing list of citation offenses.

If you want to talk any of these things, go for it:

    • Our invasion of privacy or the fact that we have no privacy at all anymore.
    • #metoo, sexual assault and raaaaaaaaape bullshit.
    • The travesty of custody courts.
    • Affirmative action.
    • Reparations.
    • The carceral system or carceral state (Mommy
    • Legal reform, eliminating many stupid, intrusive, anti-freedom, and sanctimonious laws about personal behavior.
    • The fact that people can probably solve a lot of issues now dealt with by Mommy Cop amongst themselves without crying for Mommy Cop.
    • Hate speech and speech codes.
    • Cancel Culture or the Left’s war on free speech and increasingly even free thought.
    • Various sanctimonious party-pooper, no fun, turd in the punchbowl modern Left cultures that could be called such things as Nanny State Culture, Church Lady Culture, or Nuns with Rulers Culture, in other words the punitive aspects of the Cultural Left.
    • The prudish, anti-sex Left cultures variously described the Puritan Left, Comstock Left, Victorian Left, or Sex-hating Left. Also Sex-Negative Feminism.
    • Anti-freedom, Carceral State Feminism.
    • Pedophile Mass Hysteria, the insane abuse of age of consent and statutory rape laws, and the moral panic around the sexuality of teenage girls.
    • The increasing infantilization of society where childhood is dragged out to the day before the 18th birthday and beyond.
    • Females demanding to be permanent infants when it benefits them and then permanent adults when that benefits them.
    • The notion that females are Forever Children who lack agency their entire lives.

Libertarians have excellent views on all this, which is really civil libertarianism. I am a civil libertarian, as in an ACLU-type liberal. Libertarians are with the old ACLU on civil liberties.

The ACLU is now a cucked, fagged-out Cultural Left Shitshow characterized by dishonest legal theory and the abandonment of (male) reason and logic in favor of (female) emotion and bias when it comes to legal matters. But the old ACLU was great, and the Libertarians line right up with the old liberal civil libertarians. So that’s a great commonality with Libertarians that we can talk about.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: Libertarian Topics It’s Ok to Discuss On Here”

  1. Well, the talk on racist blogs is obviously “too offensive” but to control it is a block on private speech, a thought crime thing. However, just cause people can say it, doesn’t mean it’s a nice and/or truthful thing to say.

    Anyway, @Robert Lindsay is way more extreme. I am against weight-shaming and I’m way more cynical about the claims of racists and misogynists.

      1. You’re like Bill Maher on weight shaming and I strongly disagree with him. Well, I do think that extremely obese people are a threat to their own health. Otherwise, their existence is a subjective matter among society.

        Among other things, I’m not really sure how me and you differ – but I suspect.

        1. Oh, I put down fat people? Yeah I do. Fat women to some extent. Fat men? Mostly if I don’t like them. But maybe if I do, too. You are correct. I am against fat people.

          I support the beliefs of racists and misogynists? LOL please elaborate.

          Well, the talk on racist blogs is obviously “too offensive”

          My writing resembles the writing on racist websites? Elaborate please.

          1. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi just call Trump “morbidly obese”? I don’t about that, but he is fat. What’s wrong with speaking your mind?

          2. That’s fine with me. I’m not wild about fatties anyway. If you are overweight and having a Hell of a time losing weight though, my sympathies. For instance, I am technically overweight by 1-2 pounds and I cannot seem to take it off. And I eat virtually nothing at all. Overweight is one thing. I’m not going to bash the overweight too much. But obese is not ok. If you are trying to lose and can’t, though, I am so sorry and my sympathies.

          3. Organic health food places seem almost Californian in nature. I can get a NY,Chicago, or California-style Pizza. The NY pizza has a “Carpe diem” feel about it, the Chicago pizza is “fuggetaboutit” with regards to health, and the petite California pizza is adorned with fresh figs.

  2. A fat guy in HS was talking shit to me in the locker room, and I kept bringing up how big his bitch tits were. Not a fat hater though.

    I consider Robert antiracist with a soft spot for US Blacks. He’s pro-woman at his core but is suffering a bit of racial ageism. Were he a bit Asian or darker, women would still be on him like stink on shit.

  3. A lot of Northern Whites are going to have bigger builds. Add that to the typical unhealthy American lifestyle and you get a pretty large person. Americans eat like their European ancestors did if they had processed their food and topped it with corn syrup.

    Some European fitness standards are high. Dutch and Scandinavians come to mind.

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