3 thoughts on “Idiots Not Wearing Masks”

  1. Does anybody know of someone given a no mask ticket? Is anyone aware of someone they know contracting, or dying of Corona? It would be interesting to see the numbers.

    1. Don’t know anyone given a no-mask ticket. Masks are not required here.

      I don’t know anyone who got Corona. I met a guy who knew one of the two people in my county who died of Corona. He was an Hispanic man in his 60’s. My Mom said she thinks one of my cousins my have Corona.

  2. People on Facebook I’ve met have had friends and coworkers die. So it’s a thing. Downplaying and labeling people that test positive as something else is going on in Abu Dhabi. The West seem to play up the numbers more. Like in the UK people dying of something else were labeled Corona deaths I believe. Empty mass graves shown by the media and overshooting the death toll. They want people in the West scared, and further East wants to not scare the public.

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