Victimization Syndrome is Far Worse Among Hardcore Nationalists than Democrat or Republican Ones

No, doubt if it’s some Marcus Garvey follower, you’re going to get more preachy shit than from some Democrat. Also, Republicans have their share of White victimization thinking, but only Republican activists – probably Whites who work in prison (I have a relative like that) – are going to be massively obnoxious.

Anyway, I think removal from being around the “bad Other” mellows people out and also making more money. I mean, no doubt poverty does contribute to non-White racism against Whites and also White racism against non-Whites. The fact is these people live miserable lives full of resentment.

Now it is true Jews are pushing “everyone coming together,” and people living soft lives away from any real trouble are more likely to buy into it.  Well, of course. However, it would surprise you the amount of White racists in areas where there are no non-Whites. I take this is Whites who have had bad experiences with non-Whites outside of the White neighborhood.

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