Disaster Prone Areas – Cannot Handle Libertarianism

Fact of the matter, too much bad stuff is happening to the USA.  In fact, if people wanted government off their back, they’d better off to become religious fundamentalists.

I  mean, the US does abort nearly one-million babies a year.  So, given that fact, are these disasters karma?

However, though, libertarians are still whining over rights – and honestly, I’m glad they are – cause stuff needs to be criticized.  Nonetheless, though, you can’t get a good life for nothing.  I mean, if karma is not on your side – you might as well fold the tent and go home.

What’s the future for the USA?

Well, things aren’t going to bonce back – cause viruses like come back more than likely – and you can expect that China will continue to use bio-war – because it works.     It’s accomplishing all the goals they want.

In this case, to help the public – the police and nanny state are necessary – but, obviously, shit that annoys and oppresses people.

Hope for Libertarianism in the Past

Under a more normie America – like after World II – 2019, it could be said that government overreach wasn’t necessary.

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