Creepy 1984-esque Covid Announcements

Yeah, we’re in it together  – bro – lol.

Uh, thanks, but no thanks.  I don’t know you.  You’re not my bro.

Of course, it’s especially comical when rich people are at home, they try to cheer us up – like they’re one of us.  Sure..

But, this was all expected – the police state and all. It was inevitable – especially since China  has resorted to bio-war.  Anyway, some don’t believe this is Bio-war – but let’s look at the facts:

Trump stands up to China.  Now who has ever stood up to a strong Asian nation on trade without hell to pay?  Do you seriously think they would bow down to Trump – without doing nothing?   However, they can’t resort to a real war – because that would be nuclear.  In that case, we have a proxy war – but not Vietnam, but rather just throwing decayed corpses over enemy lines.

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