They Still Dwell on an Excuse

No, a person’s worth isn’t measured by their job.  Nonetheless, the pursuit of vocational license or a college degree is something I think highly of, and so-called “nationalists” of many races aren’t interested in going to school to obtain one.

For instance, the Black guys in the movie Higher Learning calling the Black professor and the college track runner (“Run, nigger, run!”) Uncle Toms. Or the typical good ole boy pothead working at a supermarket dwelling on Jews and the Illuminati.

But This Isn’t Saying

That there aren’t plenty of high-paid blue collar tradesmen who aren’t into racism.

However, I feel the organized racist movements  of any race are generally made up of people who feel that others have cheated them in life, when in reality they have only cheated themselves.


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5 thoughts on “They Still Dwell on an Excuse”

  1. Pothead? If someone gets baked enough they seem more like Joe Rogan. “C’mon, positive vibes, bro.”

    SJWs sometimes seem unfit for blue collar jobs. The fireman carrying you out of a building isn’t likely to have purple hair and lipstick.

    I you hate racialist Whites, you want them beneath in every way. If they were nothing you wouldn’t call for their genocide, label them child molesters, etc., and comparatively speaking, being blue collar much of an insult. By the same token, if you hate Blacks, KFC might be a bad career choice.

    I’ve seen some dim Whites a little dim in the service sector but I don’t believe any of them were racialists. The mentally handicapped generally love everybody. I’ve volunteered with the mentally handicapped, and they never talk about Jews.

    A lot of conspiracy theorists and non-Jewish ethnic nationalists end up not liking Jews. Many roads seem to lead to Jews. At my work, the smartest guy is deep into conspiracy theory, and the dumbest one reflexively defends Jews. If you have Jewdar, you probably have a higher than average IQ. Out of everyone out there, I would imagine that former elites have the biggest gripe of all when it comes to Jews.

    1. The obnoxious ones I’ve known (well) were all potheads, and note I’m talking about people more likely into hardcore white nationalism, not Republicanism. But it would make sense somewhat. They’re around rough crowds and this throws them against poor non-Whites who hate them. Nonetheless, these guys could buy their way out of rough crowds if only they’d strive for more in life, but they have this “victimization” and lazy attitude.

      1. If they bust their hump every day, they are not lazy. Those with connections or luck may end up with a cush gig where they never work a day. Sure, some deserve to be where they’re at be it good or bad. I don’t think it’s very Christian to judge on this. Christ himself was a beggar. A ship only needs one captain. We cannot all rule as captain but if a captain pisses off enough underlings he’ll walk the plank. I feel you have a Jewish carpetbaggers spirit. No love for Whites or the South, the two tits you’ve suckled on since birth. When you got older you got pummled and bullied by those breasts. I understand your disdain but you’re not better off without the people that loved and raised you.

        1. I’d have a heart for those people – if they weren’t obnoxiously racist. They always want this Christian – “Give a brotha a dime” stuff, but they just aren’t very nice people. That’s the paradox.

  2. My less intelligent coworker has thrown his food at kids working at fast food places. Millionaire rap mogul Russell Simmons has done the same at Subway. At these places, the person serving is often more respectable than the one being served. Places like that will fire trashy workers but refuse to turn away trashy customers.

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