Is It Gay to Say Another Man is “Hot?”

I say it myself. But then I add, “And I’m straight,” or “No homo!”

Hey, some men are hot. And I’m completely straight.

As a young man, I had many other young straight men tell me that I was very goodlooking. There is a way to say that without sounding or looking gay. None of the men who did that appeared gay to me when they said that. They were simply stating an obvious fact.

It’s not so much that you want to fuck the guy or even do anything remotely sexual with him. It’s more you want to be that guy.

A Universal “Law of Attraction?”

I even feel “attracted to” or “drawn towards” some of these guys. It’s like a force field sucking towards the man. It freaks me out because it seems gay as Hell, and I don’t like to feel gay. But then I think, “Would you kiss that guy or do anything remotely sexual with him?” and the thought of doing that makes me want to jump 10 feet backwards.

But I think attractive people of both sexes do have this sort of “force field” effect that almost physically sucks you into their orbit. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were biological. Attractive people make you feel good. It feels good for you to even be around them. It’s almost as if some of their attractiveness leaks out of them and onto you.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Gay to Say Another Man is “Hot?””

  1. Handsome might be a better choice of words.

    Men have a strength women don’t, and women have a softness men don’t.

    Some National Socialist men looked uber. I’m not a Nordicist and like women of all kinds, but when looking at phenotypes I’ve likewise found Nordic men easy on the eyes. Even the Allies propaganda favored the same.

    I prefer a woman’s beauty from root to branch. Men can catch my eye but my dick wants nothing to do with them.

  2. I really need to check this site more often, as I keep find stuff I want to comment on.

    I remember a comedy movie in the 80’s where a film crew is making a movie in Latin America and are meeting the President of the country in one scene. As the crew is lined up, the President meets the main star and tells him “You are very good looking.” The star thanks him, but is kind of surprised by the compliment. Their guide quietly tells him that it’s OK for men to say things like that to each other “down here” and it doesn’t mean anything gay, etc. Tom Cruise recently met the President of the Ukraine while scouting locations for a movie and was told the same thing. You can see it here:

    In my family, it’s kind of acceptable, but I don’t usually say “hot” in reference to other men. I just usually say something like “Let’s be honest here, they’re like ridiculously good looking”. In reference to women, I’ll say something like “Let’s be honest here, they’re like ridiculously attractive women”.

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