Why I Can’t Stand Neer-do-Well Racist Clowns

Uh, I don’t know.  Jealousy? I can’t tell weed-induced jokes like they can?   A small penis?

Anyhow, I can’t stand these guys – cause I’ve listened to abusive garbage from one of them for years – and so am an expert.  Well, he was just one in many – and now recently, Facebook has these guys on there.

But, come on, why be a prude?   Well, at what point can we still tolerate injustice – just cause it’s dipped in humor?   Well, honestly, saints aren’t comedians.   People who choose the good road aren’t funny.  I mean, Billy Joel said “I’d rather laugh with the sinners, then cry with the saints.  The sinners are much more fun.”.  Yep, absolutely right!

From the Philippines.

Well, one notable neer-do-well comment was

Lincoln freed those slaves, so those niggers built him a statute.  Ha ha.


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