The Problem of Lumping All Blue-Collar in the Same Boat

So, if you’re some person who hates low-caliber whites, it’s an easy trap to mock some of the poor – while also attacking pretty decent blue collar whites in same jab – maybe unknowingly.

For instance, some meth-head might be tattooed and “look the part”, but these days a fairly established, good moral auto mechanic – could look just like him.  Also, there could be poorer blue-collar people – who aren’t thieves, just cause they’re poor.

Nowadays, actually, I’m guessing the line between seeing “trash” and just seeing “country dudes” is getting way more blurry – and now I’m guessing Trump is trying to throw most working-class whites in his camp – make him think he’s some cool dude.

Anyway, though, the stereotype of a racist, drug using, thief – I think describes a lot of neer-do-well people – who are also strongly attracted to white supremacist views.

However, it’s ironic that a lot of racist people want to eliminate these people from the gene pool.  BUT WAIT – LOL – these are the recruits!   What movement is there once they’re gone?

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