The Fake Working Class

Adults working teenage jobs at supermarkets, restaurants etc.. are not on welfare.  This gives them moral superiority.  Nonetheless, they haven’t pushed themselves much.  If they had, they’d be making far more money – and they either turn into latent racist pricks or they may even soften up toward SJWism.

But anyway, what’s the morality of being a neer-do-well jerk, always blaming others from problems you caused yourself?   To me, that’s a lot worse than being on welfare.

However, tons of guys are convinced they’re “The Working Man”.   But I do think people who work in restaurants, supermarkets should be respected and honored – assuming many of them cannot – for good reason, not a bad attitude – cannot obtain more vocational/academic education.

But then again, I would respect someone who humbly works at any job – but not when they have resorted to racist scapegoating.

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