Alt Left: Prospects for Existing Human Races into the Foreseeable Future

I’m not worried about the ability of Amerindians,  Inuit, Island SE Asians, South Indians, Arabs, Central Asians, Melanesians, Micronesians,  Polynesians, and Mestizos, Mulattos, North Africans to cut it in the modern world. They’ll all do all right. A lot of them will have some issues,  but they will muddle through.

I don’t know about Sub-Saharan Africans. They’re not doomed at all, and I do think  they will survive. The Blacks are one of those races that just seem to survive no matter what. Their IQ is low, but I am always impressed by the adaptability of Blacks either here or in Africa.

The fact that US Blacks are hardly genetically different from African Blacks bodes well for the future of Africans. Their IQ’s could be boosted ~10 points by a better environment. An 80 IQ versus 70 IQ would do wonders for Africans.

Caribbeans are low IQ but I think they will muddle through anyway. Like I said, Black people just seem to survive no matter what sort of crap you throw at them. They get knocked down, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and recover. Blacks are a resilient race and this is one  thing I like about them.

On the other hand, I am afraid that Aborigines, Papuans, Bushmen, and Pygmies do seem to be inferior stocks at least intellectually. Papuans were not inferior at all living there all alone on Papua with their pigs and yams. But they don’t seem cut out for the natural world at all. One possibility is that there are Melanesians living along the coast (IQ 87) and if the Papuans bred in with these folks, they’d better better off.

Aborigines don’t even seem like that are capable of being adapted to modernity. It’s sort of a race that got left behind or started way too late. There not inferior when they lived in Australia for 60,000 years, but they’re just too primitive and outdated to cut it in modern society.

On the other hand, your average Aborigine now is half White and has an 85 IQ. This could well help them quite a bit. On the other hand, everything I hear about them is that they are really fucked up. You think US Blacks are fucked up? Hell, you think African Blacks are fucked up? Man, you ain’t seen nothing til you check out Aborigines.

Bushmen and Pygmies were not inferior when they lived alone in their native lands. But I’m really not sure if they can make in the modern world. There are schools for Bushmen like the Hadza in Kenya, but they almost all drop out. On the other hand, they do have some talents. A Hadza will go out and sit under a tree for maybe 1-3 days. Just sitting there. No idea what they are doing. But they are perfectly happy. None of us could do that.

And people who visit the Bushmen swear to God that they are psychic and have telepathy and clairvoyance. Would not surprise me one bit. Higher mammals are definitely psychic. I think primitive man was also psychic as a leftover from out mammalian heritage. This is clearly the most ancient human line currently existing (53,000 years old), so it would follow that they are still psychic.

As you get more and more civilized, psychic abilities are less useful, so I think we selected them out. But obviously some people still have psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, telepathy and even communication with the dead. She has seen and communicated with ghosts and I believe her. And she’s not the only one. Noted psychics simply have retained more of this ability than the rest of us.

I am very worried about the Pygmies. They were not inferior at all living in the rainforests by themselves. But they don’t seem to be able to cut it in the modern world. They are interesting people. They are very passive and goodnatured, almost angelic. And they are Black!

The Bushmen  are quite similar, and their testosterone levels are low. They are happy, passive, and avoid conflict. They’re Black too!

When we talk about Blacks as some criminal-prone or violent race, we need to be careful who we are talking about.

Negroids, like all human races, are a new race. No existing race is older than 15,000 years old. Negroids were created from 6-12,000 YBP when they evolved from more primitive stocks, possibly something like Pygmies or Bushmen.

During the creation of this race, sub-Saharan Negroids seem to have gone through recent selection pressure with the advent of organized agricultural village chief and clan based societies for heavily muscled, athletic, very strong, and quite aggressive males. These were the males who rose to the top of village society and lorded it over the others, typically in a sociopathic fashion. They also monopolized the women.

And Negroid women may well have evolved a preference for these huge, intimidating, frightening and dangerous men.

So Negroids selected for well-built, strong, athletic, aggressive and even violent psychopathic males for thousands of years.

And perhaps this outdated legacy lives among us yet.

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13 thoughts on “Alt Left: Prospects for Existing Human Races into the Foreseeable Future”

  1. Are the Australian Aborigines really that bad? I’m reading a book on LFG right now. Walpiri is so damn fascinating.

    A Chinese-Australian I knew would criticize Americans for being so racist against Blacks. Yet she would describe the Aborigines as hopeless drunks lying the street. I thought she was just an anti-White hypocrite. But maybe not.

    1. Many Aussies rightly see them as their Natives. The Abo models I’ve seen are mixed with White.

      I’ve gone to Renaissance fairs that sell Abo wind instruments in sea of European, and many Whites cling to these objects like water in a desert. Certain Whites will prefer the exotic non-White over anything White European. A lot of guys like this along with musicians end up moving to California.

      Abos are a raw race. I think of Australoids like Abos as sushi, Southeast Asians as grilled fish, and Northeast Asians as golden fried tempura.

    2. I’m reading a book on LFG right now. Warlpiri is so damn fascinating.

      What is LFG? Last word is Grammar?

      Sure, I know about Warlpiri and Chomsky’s generative grammar. The argument is whether it is configurational, and I doubt if it is. That nukes one of his Universal Grammar theories. Piraha is currently nuking another one of his universals, recursion.

      1. Lexical Functional Grammar. A non-transformational, non-generative and very mathematical syntactic framework. Hence, it’s very popular in Australia for making sense of non-configurational Aborigine languages. It was developed in part by one of Chomsky’s protegees. A woman, mind you, whose textbook I am reading.

      2. I like Chomsky. I think he’s wrong about almost everything but he’s a genius none-the-less. I think what Chomsky calls universals of Language, are really just universal tendencies of Language. As languages evolved and the societies that use them get more complex languages tends towards a recursive syntactic configuration and morphological paucity.

        Ainu used to be polytheistic but not anymore. That’s nuts. We witnessed a language go from polytheistic to regular synthetic in real-time.

        With that said, these grammatical tendencies are not without exceptions. Modern Greek, Spanish, and perhaps most South-Western Romance is tending towards polysynthesis, or at the very least, double marking on heads and dependents and polypersonal verbal agreement.

        One thing that is true though, is the simplification of nominal morphology cross-linguistically.

        1. Ainu used to be polysynthetic*. Damn auto-correct doesn’t have linguistics jargon.

  2. Psychics! Can you link me to more about this topic? Most normies who are also atheists because their teachers told them to be, so they also dismiss psychic ability. I want to believe.

    I know you don’t like Jordan Person but he talks about this a lot. Skip to 1:35:30

    Even he thinks White Identity politics is very dangerous. Your previous post should be the official position on racial superiority. I obviously disagree – so will many people – but it’s the only way to prevent exploitation or genocide.

    Most of my friendships and relationships have been with Northeast Asians, mostly because they overproduce high IQ people. I even speak one of their languages. However, they rarely have the intellectual depth Northern Europeans do, and I’m sure it is genetic. For that reason alone, most – not all – cultural achievements will come from Germanic Whites for the foreseeable future.

    Outside of the military, I rarely interact with Germanic Whites aside from work. Most Germanics are liberals in my city, so I loath them. I once did a security gig in a Black ghetto. I even worked with social worker with Blacks and Hispanic illegal immigrant clients. I’ve been in their homes and even fucked a few.

    My extended family is often mixed race. I’m not a mindless racist or classist. I have good reasons for my hypotheses.

  3. I’ve been hearing for years now that women in general have a deep-seated preference for “intimidating, frightening, and dangerous” men. People are always saying that women love bad boys. Some men have been complaining about how women gravitate toward thugs; they also point out that serial killers get fan mail from women.

    Women are not sugar and spice and everything nice. 🙂

  4. Yeah, they go with bad boys and many women tell me they are looking for just that.

    Whites will carry non-White stragglers.

    Many companies are helping NAM’s post George Floyd. Adidas is hiring 30% Black and LatinX new employees. The US flag (Betsy Ross version) was removed from a pair of shoes because Colin Kaepernick hates America and every MSM article backed him. The Western elite and their companies now answer to Black bums loitering in a store. Just ask Starbucks. It’s so pathetic.

    Here’s a video on map of racist searches in the US:

    My theory is there’s more racism where there’s more non-Whites because they’re technically more racist. The video’s a good sample of the races. Most Whites are like the old White guy, the MSM’s villian, at the end of the vid. In short, the system caters to Blacks and non-LatinX Whites feel bad for Blacks.

    1. My theory is there’s more racism where there’s more non-Whites because they’re technically more racist.

      What does this sentence mean?

      1. The label “racist” is drawn to Whites, but non-Whites are in fact more racist. Most Whites aren’t racist but live in sort of a fantasy world where they are fighting their race’s past transgressions.

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