Latent Racism of Trump-ites

People who would vote Republican – and not support white supremacists at all – would be mostly latent racists I think.  I mean, these neer-do-well guys who will fix your car – and throw in a racist joke – at least aren’t pulling punches.  The racism is out in the open – kind of like with Latinos.

However, how bad is snooty latent racism?  Well, I suppose it’s as bad as the other.  I mean, rudeness means little.  Well, in the Bible – Jesus said that whoever committed the sin his heart – committed the sin.  Right?

Anyway, think about it.  Neer-do-wells have never had much political power – but assuredly – latent racists were the ones who promoted Jim Crow.   Also, the latent racism up north – where blacks had more freedom – but still denied so much.

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