Are Racist Neer-Do-Wells – Really Neer-Do-Wells?

I mean, are the fucking retarded?  Are they stupid?  Oh, wait it’s the weed!

No, actually, it would be wrong to say this.  Actually they’re the way they are – because they’re assholes.  I mean, they don’t go for the blue-collar licence, the college degree – because of the attitude.

But anyway, this is directed at whites – but all the races – except Northeast Asian seem to have these types.  In fact, despite all the racist science and all – it’s obvious that attitude is why some obnoxious black prick – is they way he is.

I don’t know how to prevent this.  It seems to be bad parenting.  I mean, if they even had good parents at all – they’d at least have done something in the trades.


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