The Tragedy of Gary Coleman

He simply became too famous – and he got annoyed at autograph hounds – so he got really rude toward the end of his life and landed trouble with the cops.

Anyway, what really hurt, worse, was he wasn’t wise with his money while alive – but then again, he was a youth.  I suppose the TV company should have gave him better “money guidance” when he was young.   Well, actually, where was his parents?

Now, the other one, Dana Plato, like Coleman – was reduced to “jobs of common people” – even robbing a video store in Las Vegas at one point.

Everyone Seems to Want Fame But..

The price of too much of it – is you cannot be yourself – and also the high temptation of drugs, hookers – which can literally make millions disappear.

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2 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Gary Coleman”

  1. Didn’t his mother and father steal his money as a kid and he sued them in court? Ended up working as a security guard before hawking TV commercials for Cash Call?

    1. Not sure. I got this stuff from some TV bio on Different Strokes child stars. You’re probably right.

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