PUA/Game: Just Got Banned from Tinder

I have no idea why. And if I mail them I can assure you that they will not tell me the reason for the ban. I can’t fathom a reason except I talked some real shit to some bitches who came to start a fight and to a Nigerian scammer who was nothing but a dirty criminal.

I have heard though that Tinder is full of the worst SJW feminists and that is why so many men are being banned. In other words, it’s infested with the Cultural Left, like just about all Dot.com businesses.

They refunded my money though.

Tinder’s a waste of time anyway, at least for someone my age. Just about everyone is a Nigerian scammer or selling porn or a cam girl trying to sign you up for an account on her onlyfans or a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy (cost – $400-2,000/month) or just a desperate woman with her hand out begging money.

I was getting bombarded by sugar daddy requests – maybe 5/day sometimes. But perhaps that is a function of my older age. Is it normal for older men on dating sites to get bombarded by sugar daddy requests, or is it just me?

I’m almost glad I got banned. I got three dates out of that thing and one lay ha ha. I spent ~$500 on Tinder so I got one lay for 500 bucks. A lot of whores are cheaper than that. Waste of money.

I was also banned from r/Tinder on Reddit. I’m banned from quite a few subs on there frankly.

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2 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Just Got Banned from Tinder”

  1. All it takes is one woman got offended. It’s stupid. What will offend them online may not in real life. A number of women complain just to get attention. Since mods answer all their complaints, they complain even more.

    Old Whites generally age harder. Look at Tommy Chong and Keanu Reeves, with Asian admixture they are stuck in time. Aging is harder on women though.

    I’ve not seen a barber since this corona thing and am looking rough. If women like me at my worst, then it’s more of a real attraction.

  2. A lot of competition in whoring – lol. It has to be like other businesses. There’s one hot chick, sure, but there are also 10,000 other ones!

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