PUA/Game: How Many Attractive Women Aged 18-30 Are Not Whores?

I don’t want to know how many of them are whores*. That would be almost all of them. I want to know how many of them are not whores? Is there even one out there anywhere in the US?

If Tinder cleaned out the scammers, porn seller whores, onlyfans whores, camwhores, real whores, and just out and out beggar whores, it would be a lot better. Nothing but whores on there when it comes down to it. Many different types of whores, but all whores nonetheless.

Just about every attractive young 18-30 year old woman on there is some sort of a whore. They’re all selling pussy. Come to think of it, how many attractive women aged 18-30 are not selling pussy? 1%? Is it even that high?

Have goodlooking young women always been such a bunch of whores, or is this some new thing?

* Keep in mind that I’m not talking about sluts. I luvs sluts. Sluts make the world go round. Let’s hear it for sluts!

I am talking about actual fucking whores. That means women who are quite literally selling pussy. They’re charging cold, hard cash for pussy. Any woman who is doing that is a fucking whore, sorry.

I really dislike whores. To me that’s as low as a woman gets. In fact, 45% of arrested prostitutes (the hardcores) are diagnosed psychopaths. I’ve had some experience with whores, even recently. I didn’t bring them over as whores. I brought them over as dates, more or less.

And then when it got down “Hey are you gonna put out or what?” Lo and behold! They were whores! One thing I heard over and over from these women, who ranged in age from 23-43, was “I don’t give it away for free. If I’m going to give it up, I want to get something out of it.”

One was a meth addict and she gave me the choice of money or meth if I wanted her to give it up. She got naked in my house too at various points. I made a grab for her tits, but she got angry and said, “Hey, you have to pay for that!”

I’m tired of this shit. When I was young I never had to pay for it. No woman ever actually charged me like this. Sure, I had to take them out to lunch or dinner or this or that at times, but there wasn’t this actual whorish shakedown. I wonder if it’s because of my age.

Seems like just about any woman who wants to have sex with me these days thinks I ought to pay for it. That’s damned insulting. The only way women will have sex with me is if I pay them! What an insult. That makes me feel so ugly and unattractive.

My Mom said that was actually the typical attitude most women had when she was growing up. Not to be a whore of course, but to not give it up unless you get something in return. My Mom said, “We were taught that if you were going to give it up, you better get something out of it – like a wedding ring!”

I don’t mind this mindset and I don’t consider women who think this way to be whores.

And @AlphaUnit has agreed with me that this seems to be a general attitude among women – that you don’t give it up for free and if you’re going to give it up, you need to get something out of it.

Whores are not very nice women. And the bigger of a whore she is – like actually getting arrested for it – the more likely it is that she is psychopathic.

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3 thoughts on “PUA/Game: How Many Attractive Women Aged 18-30 Are Not Whores?”

  1. A lot of gals are whores these days. They’re more free, and free women by nature will be whores.

    I work with many women.

    Who’s not a whore? Deeply Christian traditional types from Midwest farms. I’m talking true believers. I only know like this and they are sisters. Family and Christ will not save most, but they will save a few. Women generally are a corrupting force too. These non-whores worked hard on a farm and lacked bad girl peers. They are not beacons of sanity or masters of earthly matters. They get something from their deep faith. They’re touched by God.

    1. You realize I’m not talking about sluts, right? I’m talking about literal whores. I mean women who are literally selling pussy. Did you have this in mind when you wrote your comment or were you just talking about sluts?

      1. You’re right, I was thinking classic sluts but arguably also whores with their PayPal links and Amazon wishlists. E-thots on social media getting free trips to Arab countries to be degraded. A lot of crypto-whores out there. As you say, there are many different types. I call classic sluts whores not sluts.

        Literal whoredom is the darkest road a Western girl can go down. Like I said with pornstars, this won’t end well for them. The White whores especially. Porn is whoring on camera, and the Whites stars I’ve followed fell hard. Last time I checked Backpage all the whores were Black. White whores have been busted locally though. Donkey-fuckers and wholesale ghetto hoochies are probably tougher. Possibly in Asia whores are the most healthy. Some may even “love you longtime”.

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