Game/PUA: If Women Practice Hypergamy, Do They Actually Fall in Love with Men?

Of course they do.

There have been a number of women (and girls for that matter) who were quite madly in love with me in my life. More after I turned 40. Been a couple of years though and I really miss it. Last one was an 18 year old girl!

It was real love, too. Not fake. And some of it was wild Hollywood love affair of the century Romeo and Juliet sparks and fireworks “crazy love.” That’s the high of a lifetime, but it’s pretty exhausting because the woman veers from extreme love to extreme hate very quickly.

I really don’t think they were faking it. Not only that, but I can spot a woman in love a mile away at night blindfolded. Basically they all act the same. Over the years you learn to spot the signals, and yep, there it is again!

I wonder how much of this falling in love women do has to do with Looks though. I’ve been said to be goodlooking since age 18 and even to this day, incredibly. After the Blackpill, I’m starting to wonder if all those women fell in love with that pretty face. Or was the pretty face the trigger, the necessary but not sufficient element to set off the love cascade that followed?

Women’s endless obsession with true love and real love and fake love and not real love and love and infatuation and all of their insane solipsism around their weird reification of love is all nonsense. Women mystify love to the point where they don’t even know what it is anymore. I mean they do, but they hide it from themselves, like they do with so many things.

They create some weird ideal standard that’s the real, true, pure love, and all the rest are some weird “fake love.” Got news for you, women. You’re wrong. Love ranges from a slight feeling where one is a little bit in love or on the verge of falling in love all the way to head over heels insanity. Women’s endless parsing of this basic human feature, possibly rooted in chemicals like oxytocin, is just silly navel-gazing on the part of women.

One thing, though. The most important thing in most any woman’s life is love and being in love. Way more important than sex. They literally live for that feeling. In a way, the entire purpose of women’s existence from the view of the female psyche is to fall in love. Since this seems to be the very reason women exist in the first place, it makes sense that they go nuts over-defining it and chopping it up into idiotic pieces of nonsense. Women don’t want to believe that this very thing they live for is quite commonplace.

If we use my definition of love above:

Love ranges from a slight feeling where one is a little bit in love or on the verge of falling in love all the way to head over heels insanity.

Most women will be in love, one way or another, especially in those early phases, quite a few times in her life if she dates a lot of men.

The best definition I have found for love is “fondness.” I get this feeling of overwhelming “fondness” for me from a woman who is truly in love with me. We think this is commonplace, but honestly I almost never really get that sort of true, pure fondness of the heart in my day to day life. You really only get that from a woman in love. Maybe a male friend, once in a while. Perhaps a close relative. But those are a bit different, though closely related.

I haven’t read the replies yet, but I assure you that below you will see many silly women talking about the real love, the pure love, the true love, and how rare it is, and give some stupid definition of it like “true love lasts for life” or something. It’s all bullshit. Women delude themselves. It is their nature to do just that.

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