Black People Don’t Get a Choice of How to Identify

Think if you were a Black person. How would you want people treating you? No matter how much you say Blacks earned their treatment, the question remains, “Would you yourself like it?”

I mean it’s only a roll of the dice that you ended up White and not Black. You, me, or anyone else could have ended up Black. Assuming I were the same person I am now, my Blackness per se has nothing wrong with it at all.

This where Abagond, who I cannot stand, is right. He’s says that at a basic level, there’s nothing wrong with being Black. Alpha subscribes to this too. Is there anything wrong with Tulio, Rambo, or @Alpha Unit being Black? Well of course not!

For people like that, their race is almost meaningless to me although they may variously assign meanings to it. I believe @Alpha Unit wants her Blackness to have some sort of meaning beyond merely being human, and that’s fine with me. If one wishes to identify as human first and Black second or not at all, that’s fine too.

But James Baldwin says Black people don’t get that chance. If you are Black in the US and with to put your Blackness aside (after all, it is meaningless, let’s face it), America doesn’t really give you that option. America forces you to adopt a Black identity. I don’t think @Alpha Unit has discussed this, but it seems like a theory that would be right up her alley, as I know how she thinks.

Baldwin was gay in addition to being Black, but I really like him a lot. He’s one of the great American authors of the 20th Century, and he’s Black! Don’t believe anyone who says Blacks cannot reach the pinnacles of success in their fields in an academic sense. There are always going to be a few very smart Blacks who are up there.

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7 thoughts on “Black People Don’t Get a Choice of How to Identify”

  1. People judging you by your race and/or nationality and not your individuality is a hard pill to swallow. However, all races do it to other races. Like in South Korea, the “American” thing got old. The assumption was that if you’re American, then you side with Americans, and you’re an asshole.

    Also I remember this time in a Black neighborhood – in Knoxville, mind you – not the Black belt. I was hanging with this Black guy and this other Black guy, a young adult or teen, standing from a far distance, started making comic smart-ass comments about me being White saying something like, “Oh, what are we bringing next? How about some Chinese or Puerto Ricans? Why not have a interracial parade, lol?”.

    Hey, I have a sense of humor, but this is utterly ridiculous tribalism.

  2. I don’t think Black is the worst choice if it was a choice. Even many Whites have it worse than the average.

    I just got done walking. There was a Black walking by and no one cared. Then a White walked by that seemed off, physically and possibly mentally disabled. Many were squirming to avoid him. A lesbian couple walked by me and showed me their bitch faces.

    A lot of lesbians would prefer a Black man because their patriarchal enemy is the White man. Moderns really take to Blacks too.

    The most successful Blacks I’ve seen have an odd skin condition. One of them has a White outline around his lips, the others more sporadic blotches. They likely were bullied, which helped build their character.

    1. Obviously, WN sites harp on “Whitey as the victim” all time. However, it’s not always the case, even in this PC age. Anyhow, it depends a lot, still, on the area. Of course, tons of racism goes on in red states – which red-staters deny – claiming victims are over-sensitive pansies and/or looking for drama.

      The most successful blacks I’ve seen have an odd skin condition. One of them has a White outline around his lips, the others more sporadic blotches. They likely were bullied which helped build their character.

      Good parenting – including “the woodshed” – can build character without bullying. It’s really not necessary but since our culture is too pussy to punish/mold children these days, it’s the only hope for a lot of youth.

      1. I’m not for the cruelty that bullying entails, but I cannot argue with the results.The guy bullied the most in school became a professional athlete.

        White people are soft as marshmallows. Perhaps they need to be closer to the fire.

        Red Staters here often hate the red state they hail from. Who’s most elitist? Some Northeast Coasters think we’re all hillbillies.

        Stacy Dash has it better most White women. You can hit the genetic lottery and still be Black.

      2. Jason Goddamn it! I’ve been emailing you for days. This site has been slow as mud for days now. Especially the dashboard and in particular the Comments section. Have you put in a bug report to the host?

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