Again – The Police State is Inevitable

HR6666 – The Bill Of The Beast

What are we supposed to do? Destroy public health so some free spirits can lead a libertarian lifestyle?

Anyway, if you read your Bible texts, it says the people deserved the police state.

I do feel like people need to get back to work, and that it’s very possible to do that in much of the US, but the fact remains that the government has to do what needs to be done, and anyway, this is victimization – sort of. China basically declared a bio-war on the US.

Should We Be Scared of Vaccinations and Mass Surveillance?

Bill Gates is creepy all right, but he wasn’t solely responsible for the bio-weapon. China was, at least partially. I don’t know if there’s some tie-in with Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner and other globalists, and China, but for sure, Joe Biden and other Democrats are not going to stand up to China.

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