The Fact is: People Hate Joggers – No Matter the Background

Well, being black was a huge strike – in a rural Georgia area.  However, though, it isn’t really safe for anyone to jog – anywhere – outside of non-ghetto urban areas, non-ghetto suburbs -and these suburbs have to be really “suburb” not semi-country suburb.

Anyway, I can’t pinpoint why people hate joggers.  However, they tend to be an object of mockery at the least, if they’re not being shot, lol!  Anyway, I think a big reason is the “projection” thing I have mentioned on this site.  People cannot stand people who are improving themselves – and they want to tear them down – to their miserable level.

Now I don’t know if this was the case in the GA shooting; it may have just been rednecks shooting a “potential” black robber – even if the case was he was on the road, jogging, unarmed.  I don’t know.  Well, this weak case for shooting a nigga, would be enough for white nationalists.

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