Alt Left: How Do Liberal Whites Talk about Blacks Behind Closed Doors?

Tamerlane: Curious about what Whites truly think about Blacks (and other races) behind closed doors…

…besides the usual:

1) Blacks are stupid (have low IQ’s) 2) Blacks have low emotional self-control 3) Blacks have a criminal disposition 4) Blacks are lazy (low conscientiousness)

That’s about it. You won’t hear much beyond that from liberal Whites anyway.

1. The low intelligence is not regarded with contempt but instead as a simple fact. My mother in particular has been fascinated by this subject and has been studying it for many years,  probably 50 years. She thinks there is something  to it and it’s genetic. She’s heard of Arthur Jensen and William Shockley.

Some will argue against the race-IQ facts out of ignorance. I had one guy like that. His response was, “No way…” but he had a funny little smile on his face when he said it. Then I argued that IQ tests did indeed show that Blacks on average were less intelligent. He argued against it for a while but then he caved. He had the same odd little smile on his face, sort of a curious smile. Then he said, “Well, of course. Of course they’re not as smart.”

On the other hand, I had a very racist friend 35 years ago, and we were discussing this subject. He said, “You mean niggers ain’t got no brains, right?” and he chuckled. I said yeah. And he said, “Well, yeah, obviously, of course.”

2. The low self-control is not discussed. It’s a rather sophisticated subject and most folks are just not intellectual enough to take it on.

However, perhaps along those lines, I did tell my mother about the candy bar experiments in the Caribbean and the US South where the Black children could not seem to delay gratification whereas almost all the White children choose to delay their pleasure.

She nodded her head with a tired expression that was somewhat cynical and said, “Well, of course.” She has also noted that Blacks mature earlier than other races, and she thinks this is  genetic. She noted that Blacks mature earliest and are least intelligent, and Asians mature latest and are most intelligent. She acted like this was genetic. She had that same sort of tired, cynical tone when she said that.

3. They would not say that Blacks have a criminal disposition. Instead they would say that Blacks commit a lot of crime for whatever reason and this is the main rationale behind anti-Black racism. I will talk about anti-Black racism, and they will say in an exasperated tone, “It’s the crime!”

There was a guy where I live, a psychopath and a gang member, part Black and part Hispanic Cuban-American, a criminal who later ripped me off for a $175 knife. I told him about the Black-crime thing, and he acted surprised at first and disbelieving or maybe just shocked. Then he nodded his head gravely and said, “They’re savages.” And this guy was part Black!

I forget what I did, maybe nodded my head or something crappy like that. I don’t like to be disagreeable. I don’t agree that Black people are savages, but I like my conversations to go smoothly. Then he said, “Well no wonder. They come from Africa. They’re savages over there in Africa.” I probably nodded my head to this one too, and sadly it’s a lot more true than the previous statement.

But born criminals? Nope, people don’t really say that. Sometimes it is implied but not stated, though. I remember my mother telling me about friends of hers who adopted a Black boy, and as he grew into an adolescent, he became a complete psychopath.

She said her friends were the nicest people, and he probably had the best upbringing. In other words, environment had nothing to do with it. The implication was that he had a genetic tendency and that this tendency was heightened due to his race.

4.You don’t hear much about Blacks being lazy, and a lot of people will argue against it and say they sure worked hard as slaves, etc. That was my line forever and I would probably still whip it out just to be a liberal ha ha.

However, my 87 year old mother, a liberal Democrat, thinks there is something to it. Not that there aren’t hard-working Blacks.

And by the way, one of her best friends started dating a Black man from Mississippi in her 80’s. I met the guy and he’s the coolest dude you ever met. My Mom was 10

I have these conversations most often with liberal Whites, and they generally police their speech pretty well. All of this talk is a bit taboo, and it’s not talked about much because it seems like it makes them uncomfortable. It’s as if they’d rather not discuss it, like these are uncomfortable or unpleasant truths.

But beyond that, no. No liberal ever discusses Black appearance in a negative way. That’s considered to be very gross racist thinking.

I’m not sure if there are other legitimate criticisms you can make of Black people. I think most liberals would say that the four above are a handful, if not too much to stomach right there. The last thing they want to do is hear any more negative stuff about Black people. They don’t want these things to be true and they think the fewer arguments like this, the better.

Racist jokes about Blacks are also frowned upon.  They’re considered to be somewhat gross and disgusting, rather uncouth. Maybe a bit vicious too. It’s sort of, “Hey, we don’t talk like that around here.”

There is a hint of exasperation about these conversations at times, if not cynicism. At least in my Mom’s case.

With liberals like my sister or my late father, you could not even bring up any of this without them blowing up and starting a huge fight. My sister hates the race-IQ argument  and noticeably squirms in her seat if you bring it up.

My father especially hated the race-IQ question. It was false, he said, because if it were true, “that means there’s no hope (for Blacks)!” Well, perhaps that is so, but it certainly doesn’t make the statement false. As you can see, a truthful statement for my father meant something he wanted to be true. If he didn’t want it to be true, it was simply a falsehood. I honestly believe the  vast majority of people think exactly like this.

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: How Do Liberal Whites Talk about Blacks Behind Closed Doors?”

  1. Honestly, since they were forced to work – with bullwhips. I’d say that being lazy, the current ones, is the correct repayment for it.

  2. Blacks only hurt themselves by being lazy.

    My father was liberal, and “nigger” was a no-no in our house. When he retired he moved to the SW and did say it being less Black than the South was a perk. He always gives Black panhandlers money.

    My mother is conservative because she’s against abortion. I think she’s more pro-Black than anything. I’ve ranted about Jews and she’ll remind me my uncle is Black.

    A number of women seem defensive of Blacks. A comment on Asians might be appreciated by them more.

    Some on both sides of my family got into Chinese medicine.

    Most my female cousins go to Africa to help, likely as part of their schooling.

    My rapper cousin is even more pro-Black but will laugh at anything. He’s best friends with Blacks but isn’t a staunch defender of them.

    Most my family isn’t that close to Blacks, even the ones near Chicago.

    There are Mayberrys in my area with perhaps unspoken racism.

    Classy but separate or a bit unruly in the thick of it? Turn Chinese and embrace Blackness or stay White and save Africa? My family’s choices in a nut shell.

    1. I think the level of personal integration is driving you toward racism. You feel humiliated by it.

      I think extremely poor people don’t mind being around blacks – but with more moneyed ones – it’s a sign of embarrassment.

      1. No personal humiliation. I’m against humiliation of White men though. I’m more pissed at elite Jews, of which I’m not integrated.

  3. My mildly liberal relatives are liberal in the open but behind closed doors are highly resentful of living around Blacks. They’re upset some of the blacks are so racist against them. They’re upset that the Black crime is too much, pretty much confirming White racist views.

    I don’t know why they want to live so near to Blacks, yet complain about them.

    Now my other relatives are over-the-top PC, but the hypocrisy is so glaring because they live in a rightwing suburb. Also, the kids are rebelling against the PC, one whom I’m sure is an alt-right type.

    1. My father loves Black Cow candy bars. My father got them real cheap as a kid. I remember him getting real excited when a store had them. Blacks were a sacred cow to him too. He would joke with Whites about their heritage but wouldn’t touch the Blacks.

      Disdain for Blacks was likely more common when he was a kid. He had a Black friend in the Army who really hated other Blacks. He grew up in the Twin Cities, and some nice areas when he was a kid had turned into Black shitholes. Black pimps even took over an old hotel we were going to stay at once, and he told me “This was the Ritz back in the day”.

    1. Over the years I’ve seen Black people being blamed for various political outcomes.

      Some people were blaming Black people for the passage of Proposition 8 in California, which was against same-sex marriage. Black people have been blamed for the election of Donald Trump (we supposedly weren’t motivated enough to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton). And now this?

    2. Funny, because alot of Democrats blamed Gore’s loss in Florida (and thereby the presidency) on the 80,000 votes Ralph Nader got in Florida. They were pissed that the guy was just out to spite Gore because he hated him.

      1. Actually, Gore won Florida. Few people know this. Some newspapers got together and recounted the votes, and Gore did indeed win.

        Then they refused to publicize the results! God I hate the US media.

  4. I’ve seen elderly White women do quite well with fit young Black men. Hell, I’ve seen them resisting the advances of much younger Black men.

    If Whites sent their elderly women off on rafts like Eskimos used to send elderly off on glaciers, these women’s sexual market value would skyrocket if they landed on a Black island like Haiti. “The Queen is back!” An old Haitian would shout as he runs to the beach.

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