Hardcore Racist Societies Will Always Have Weaknesses

For instance, India’s Aryans eventually got gobbled up via interracial marriage with the Dravidians. The Old South had the poorest Whites mating with Blacks, and of course, scandals like the case of Strom Thurmond, where the rich segregationist hypocrite fucks the maid.

Anyway, White Nationalists have a point in wanting to separate totally from non-Whites because Whites being around non-Whites will eventually soften the Whites. It might a total softening – at least not at first, but trust me, the rusting will be underway that will eventually collapse the building.

The US now has many biracial kids now. This a product of integration – it’s simply what happens when two or more races live in the same area.

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One thought on “Hardcore Racist Societies Will Always Have Weaknesses”

  1. Blind, brutal racism is ugly. I’m against blind hatred of innocents and an underdog champion at heart.

    I’m very pro-Black with cats. Whatever makes people adopt Black cats less and kill them in olden times is wrong.

    Non-Whites aren’t that innocent as cats are. Humans are more like apples. A shitty non-White neighborhood is like under an apple tree with plenty of rotten browns. Sure, there’s good apples down their too.

    The apple tree itself is a pristine White neighborhood. A bad apples up there with a big gape or worm holes like meth heads stick out. Maybe some of the best apples are on the bottom.

    It’s very logical but maybe a bit cold to just pick good apples from the tree. Leave your front door open with no fear of crime, just like the lovely neighbor lady leaving you a hot apple pie cooked to perfection.

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