Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson of Fox News

I admit. They’re great speakers. Nonetheless, do good speakers always say things completely accurately? No way! For instance, if Sean Hannity is praising The Men in Blue, he’s forgetting all the Cluster-B walking nightmares wearing a badge.  In fact, I think, it’s mostly those people giving the cops a bad rap.

Anyhow, what I mentioned is just one of probably problems with these two pundits. For instance, if they’re out slamming Cuba, there’s no mention of the corrupt Batista regime.

Anyone know of more falsehoods?

What about the Left? Well, they’re completely ignoring a lot of cold hard facts – often scientifically proven – of why segments of the population simply are a problem. However, rude truths do bring out the worst in people just like racial slurs, so it’s a better idea to shut up, not to mention it would also be suicide at the voting booth.

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