It’s Not Cool to Say Racial Slurs

The only environments where people get away with it are places like prison or jails – or some vastly homogeneous environment. For instance, many Blacks will use racial slurs in a Black neighborhood, and I believe many whites will gladly say them in a vastly White neighborhood, college campus, etc..

The fact of the matter is that bullies are cowards, and they always want weak targets, which are easy to obtain in highly-homogeneous areas.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Cool to Say Racial Slurs”

  1. The way Eastwood did it was cool. We’re not on the playground. I had a closeted gay try to bully me in HS. I called him a fag and he left me alone after that.

    1. Non-Whites are not PC at all and say racial slurs. But two wrongs don’t make an alt-right – lol!

  2. Saying “nigger” vs treating someone like a “nigger”. The later is worse. Papa John isn’t racist but he lost his pizza empire for a word. Intent should matter.

    1. Saying it is never O.K. to someone’s face, but an excuse could be made for someone experience intense anger, as in some sort of an actual fight, at the Black person. Anyhow, people saying “nigger” at random people with no anger behind it to partly justify it is just bullying, and it probably often builds character, but nevertheless it’s still not needed.

      Private conversations with the n-word are really nobody’s business. This type of talk disgust me, but controlling it is “thought police” stuff.

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