Alt Left: The Alt Left and Libertarianism: Similarities and Differences

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: “We need a judicial system but not like this. It’s got to be dramatically reformed. We have way too many laws. The cucks, women, cops, narcs, and police state types have succeeded in making just about half of life illegal. Seriously.

Half of crimes should just be abolished because they’re chickenshit offenses. For a lot of that stuff, just let people settle things among themselves.” – Sir Robert of the ALT SINISTER

Don’t you mean the minarchy, a.k.a. The Libertarian Church, excommunicated and decentralized from the Roman Pope?

No, we are not minarchists. We sort of want a minimal cop presence though. Or just a friendly cop presence. Remember the cop on the beat who knew everyone? Like that.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: “The Street is a sort of living being constituted of the sum total of all of the minds of all of the people on the Street. It is actually extremely intelligent, even brilliant, in a street-smart sort of way.” – Sir Robert of the ALT SINISTER

Don’t you mean the invisible hand of the market, a.k.a. The Libertarian Jesus?

No, I didn’t mean the market. The Street regulates itself but look at how many bodies it leaves behind.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: “The Street is a sort of living being constituted of the sum total of all of the minds of all of the people on the Street. It is actually extremely intelligent, even brilliant, in a street-smart sort of way.”

Who is that fine writer? Oh, it’s me! Damn, I wrote that? That’s some nice prose! Sometimes I go back over my old stuff and think, “Damn that was good!,” but then I often think I can’t write like that anymore.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: What is the practical difference between Libertarians and the Alt Left? I don’t see a big difference except that you want universal health care and basic income paid by taxes. If you can keep the pigs from slaughtering civilians, you earned some free medicaid. It’s a compromise I am willing to make.

Yeah, in a lot of ways we are super-civil libertarians in the ACLU sense. We are Left on just about everything else except the Cultural Left. But even there we are halfway between the Cultural Left and the Republican Social Conservatives.

And we are far Left on civil liberties. You know, if you get out there on the Far Left, they’re pretty anti-police state, anti-cop, anti-prison, anti-carceral state as they call it. And yes, they do resemble Libertarians in that sense and so do we.

Horseshoe theory and all that. But the Alt Left is somewhat of a horseshoe movement, or it exists at the place where the Left meets the Right. As one Alt Left thinker said, the Alt Left starts at the place where Ralph Nader on the Left meets Pat Buchanan on the Right. Or possibly at the point where Mussolini was tiring of Marxism and shifting towards fascism. Which is sort of Third Positionist.

Someone else said we resemble early Frankfurt School before they got into cultural critique so much.

We are also a syncretic political movement. And there are definitely some Third Positionists in the Alt Left, that’s for damn sure.

There is even a White Nationalist branch of the Alt Left! All the other wings hate them, but it is run by one of the founders of the Alt Left, Brandon Adamnson. And the Alt Left did start out as an Alt Right split, so we are rightwing in that sense. Sort of Leftie Alt Right types. In fact, Brandon had “the left wing of the Alt Right” as his motto for a while. Actually I made that up and said that’s what we were.

Brandon and I were originally hangers-on on the Alt Right but didn’t like certain aspects of it. I didn’t like the raw, naked racism. That’s just gross to me. I am more of a race realist and a “tell it like it is when it comes to race” guy.

Brandon is more of a liberal-Left White nationalist. He’s always been a liberal-Left type guy, but then he got into WN, and he felt increasingly uneasy with all that awful conservatism or reaction on there. It literally made him sick. So he split.

You know Juan Peron? We are sort of Peronists, too. And we are nationalists. Screw this internationalism BS. And Peron did indeed call his movement something like socialist nationalists or something like that. And we are that also. Tulio once called us Redpilled Leftists. That’s a good one, too.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Alt Left and Libertarianism: Similarities and Differences”

  1. Peronismo definitely won’t fly in Libertarian circles. Argentina is used as a case study for a failed nationalized protectionist economy.

    To unify all the nomadic tribes of the Alternative Steppe, three things are need. First, a rejection of central economic planning would have to be declared by right and left wingers. Second, constitutional or legislative limitations on the power of government to regulate. Essentially, castrate the FDA, FCC, FAA etc.* and legalize drugs. And third, a solution to the immigration problem.

    The social-economic model, even if never explicitly stated as such, would be capitalism for corporations, socialism for individuals, and tyranny at the border, which is the inverse of what we have now. Warren Buffett agrees.

    2008 proved that the financial institutions as a whole clearly have a social safety net when they go broke. But most Americans don’t have much of one. Libertarians focus on the moral horrors of the former, leftists on those of the latter.

    I suggest aptitude AND loyalty testing for immigrants to keep the stupids or anti-westerns out. No explicit racism, but it would effectively bring in only Christian Caucasians from Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, liberal East Asians and light-skinned Hispanics. A decent balance of diversity but nothing so crazy as to offend conservatives white person, the richest majority in America, mind you.

    Republicans have got this right. We must pander to the white majority to have a functional country The Democrats will stay hopelessly in shambles for the next few elections until minority GDP and population both over take that of whites. Both conditions wont be met for at least 50 years because white verbal IQ is the highest and it is the IQ sub-type best correlated with per capita income.

    Deregulation is hard for leftists to accept because of the strong tendency to falsely conflate wealth redistribution with government regulation. This can partially be achieved by reforming the criminal justice system.

    Currently, strong regulation of consumer goods & services exists because, ex post fact, individuals can’t afford to sue companies for the damages their products may have caused. As IQs, automation, access to on-line information, and personal income increase worldwide, people could rely less on byzantine jurisprudence.

    Make no mistake, today I am pragmatic Republican. But as I see the tsunami of technology and globalization approaching to totally demolish the justification for our current system, I can’t help but take preparations for the utopia. We must agree on which anarchist utopia to usher in, lest our system turn into a Blade Runner dystopia.

  2. The above are concessions needed to be made by the Left.

    On the Right, wealth redistribution and taxation concessions will have to be made. The dissolution of the IRS and the FairTax can easily be incorporated into a socialist model.

    The Right will happily reduce the size of welfare agencies — cutting out the expensive middle-men — and redistribute the money as actual benefits to people. The bureaucratic overhead and difficulty of applying for bullshit welfare like $150/month food stamps is ridiculous.

    It is cheaper to indiscriminately hand out SNAP benefits than to employ fed and state employees to “administer” them. Which leads to another concession needed from the Left: govmn’t ain’t no employer of no last resort.

  3. Libertarianism sounds good on paper (Heard that one before with regards to Communism – lol?) – but it’s not workable in reality.

    Well, take Covid-19, for instance. See how disasters cripple a capitalist economy so fast? Do people really think Libertarianism would have saved things?

    1. We already had a Libertarian response to this epidemic, and it’s ongoing. Catastrophe is too mild a term.

    2. Well the real test isn’t the pandemic. Any economy, planned or free, will grind to screeching halt when death is flying through the air.

      The real test is when the virus goes away. How fast will the economy recover? Money, currency, billion or Bitcoin are not wealth. Wealth is goods and services, land, people and resources.

      This is one of my major disagreements with the Left and yet exactly why I can compromise on welfare. Universal income, good stamps and the like, expensive as they may be, aren’t wealth transfers, they are accounting fibs.

      I don’t feel like the government is stealing too much when I’m taxed since it’s not actual wealth. The very rich understand this.

      So don’t start writing Libertarianism’s (or Communism’s) eulogy just yet. l
      let’s see what happens. After all, the world bounced back after Dubya dubya One, Two and the Spanish Flu. Oooh that rhymes. And there was massive wealth destruction then.

      1. In fact, if you see a priest standing next to Libertarianism and Communism, they’re probably just getting married after one accidentally impregnated the other, making it a marriage of necessity, not love.

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