Alt Left: Liberals, Racism, and the Purpose of This Site

RL: “What sort of racist attitudes? Describe.”

Alpha Unit: Robert, you’ve written more than once about the kinds of things even liberal or Leftist Whites say and do in private around “chosen Whites.” You’ve even stated that most Whites are racist to some degree.

Hmm, that’s just race realism though. Not really racism if you ask me anyway.

Most Whites are racist? In the sense of having some negative attitudes towards Blacks, sure, of course. SJW Whites are not common.

But yes, I know liberals, or more properly Centrist Democrats, who get quite racist behind closed doors, like with me for instance. Calling Blacks niggers and all that.

I don’t say anything. I’m not that guy’s Mom or his preacher, and I hate narcs and cops and anything resembling them, so I’m not about to tell anyone to tone down their speech. On the other hand, I don’t like it. Promiscuously referring to all Blacks as niggers in conversation is just…I dunno…gross?  It’s sort of disgusting, like food that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Also, not chosen Whites, more like certain Whites. The ones who might be receptive to such heresies. Often the speech even behind closed doors is very well-policed, probably as it ought to be because if most White liberals said behind closed doors what they really think about other races, particularly Blacks, it probably wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

A lot of things are better left unsaid and a lot of speech is better off policed than let it all hang loose.

And there’s a lot of thoughts that are better left unspoken. I really don’t care what someone thinks of me. They can like me or hate me or anything in between. As long as they’re nice to my face, that’s all that matters. If they sweet-talk me to my face but then say, “God-damn that sonofabitch!” when I walk out the door, I’m not sure if I care about that too much, unless someone tells me about it, in which case, I won’t like it. For Chrissake, keep it to yourself, dammit!

Sometimes the talk behind closed doors even with those who police their speech can get overtly racist. Usually not me but others can get like that. Most people simply cannot critique another race without getting racist and shitty about it. Of course that is what we are trying to get away from here.

We engage in a lot of racial critique (of any and all races, really), and that critique includes the good as well as the bad, but we are trying to do it in as nonracist a way as possible.

Granted that’s pretty difficult, but that’s been the purpose of the site ever since I started way back with Liberal Race Realism, which was pretty much a flop and had to be abandoned. Beyond Highbrow – tell it like it is! But do so in as non-bigoted a way as possible, please. I mean there are ladies present, boys. Mind your manners please.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Liberals, Racism, and the Purpose of This Site”

  1. I hate narcs too. I sort of expect it from women, but men should not narc. I was recently had a guy complain to management about me. I hate how PC management has to be, and I never really respect their authority. Workers should stick together.

    I went to school with an Italian girl that said nigger, and it freaked all the other students out. Jewish women being open sexually appeals to me far more than a sex is evil gayrab culture. Being free is a lot better.

    Robert’s tempered centrist views and his interest in the truth makes him one of two people I trust on race. This site is good in part because people can say what’s on their mind. That’s how we learn. Even the craziness can trigger more ideas.

    1. Jewish women being open sexually appeals to me far more than a sex is evil gayrab culture.

      What does that mean?

      1. Referring to Arab countries that oppress or control women to the point of having a crypto-gay culture. The arrousal of sexual desire isn’t evil.

        1. Yeah Arab culture is crypto-gay. Especially in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Egypt but also in Kuwait and even Syria. I’ve read stuff by Western gay men who went there and they said that in Kuwait and even in Syria, men were hitting on them everywhere they went.

          And when they went out in public in Syria, it was an all-male scene, and it was rather faggy to tell the truth. You enforce all-male public cultures for long enough, and they’re bound to get faggy. The sex drive has to go somewhere.

    2. I went to school with an Italian girl that said nigger, and it freaked all the other students out. Jewish women being open sexually appeals to me far more than a sex is evil gayrab culture. Being free is a lot better.

      I can understand why management doesn’t want freedom of speech at work or school. It’s because the trash talk brings out the worst in people; it’s simply not good for business/school environment.

  2. Some Islamic religious man said Islam was created to control Arabs who were wild drinkers that just wanted to watch women dance all the time. It was created for the Arab people. This is perhaps why traditional Islam is oppressive to the point of backwardness. Their nature demands someone dance – if not the women, the boys.

    Christianity is kind and trusting to to the point of foolishness like naive Whites. Think Adam and Eve. Eve trusts, gets brainwashed by the Jewish serpent, and eats the fruit. Then Adam succumbs to Eve’s feminism and also eats the fruit. The (((serpent))) is very cunning. He will continue to trick and be kicked out of many gardens. The only question is when?

  3. The Quran is silly and repetitive. A poorly edited and paraphrased version of the Bible. It’s very short yet could be condensed even further to a few pages. I am not biased here. I actually read the whole thing. It was a terrible bore.

  4. Curious about what Whites truly think about Blacks (and other races) behind closed doors…

    …besides the usual:

    1) Blacks are stupid (have low IQ’s)
    2) Blacks have low emotional self-control
    3) Blacks have a criminal disposition
    4) Blacks are lazy (low conscientiousness)

  5. I really don’t think liberals and conservatives are much different when it comes to topics about race, illegals, gays, and mass immigration.

    I been around liberals all my life. I live in a Jewy building in a Jewy neighborhood in Jew York. Jews are liberal. My family is liberal.

    I had one Jewish lady in my building who flat out said “God I hope they don’t let in any more Blacks in this building.” I had a 3 hour conversation with a very smart Jew in the neighborhood, and he pretty much couldn’t stand Blacks.

    I met a school teacher and he couldn’t stand teaching at his school because of Black and Hispanic students. I figure he was liberal because he couldn’t stand Trump. He loved Bernie Sanders.

    My best friend is a liberal. He hates homosexuals and feminists. The latter with a passion. I couldn’t believe what he was saying about gays. I was aroused by the conversation not because I’m a homophobe because I’m not but because it was so cool seeing him unveil himself.

    My dentist wants illegals shot dead sneaking in from Mexico. An aunt who lives in my building says he’s a liberal. She sees him frequently. My dentist is very open. He once bragged to me about how many chicks he banged while serving in Vietnam. I only saw him 3 times. Dental office is in our building.

    Just today my landscaper boss complained about her neighborhood being too Mexican which prompted me to search this thread. We live half a mile apart. It’s 70% White and 17% Hispanic. The 4:1 White to Hispanic ratio is too low. She’s a liberal.

    I have plenty of more anecdotes from my extended family alone who are mostly liberal. Guess what? Those comments are not very nice either.

    It really pours out when you talk to liberals in safe spaces without the PC mask. They may be the champions of minority rights (They really do care), but they don’t want to live around your Black, Brown and Gay asses. Only in small doses.

  6. No you are fine. The rule only applies to Trash because he’s abusing the forum by posting too much and plus not giving me a nickel. You donated very generously in the past and you don’t have a reputation for hogging the forum with repetitive posts. So just post as much as you like or as you typically do. You don’t seem like the type who wants to post long posts all day long like Trash.

    The 50 lines a day rule only applies to Trash because he’s abusing commenting privileges and not paying me to rub it in. All the rest of you go and post all you want or better yet, as you have typically been posting.

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