The Battle between Freedom and Safety

No doubt, it’s often the case, but not always (I mean, there are abusive masters) that being deprived of freedom makes your life way better.  In fact, a Biblical argument and probably also a general ancient argument for slavery was that the other option was dangerous for the slave.

Well, this might have depended on the job, though. For instance, someone doing common work or better yet – really soft work – would fare better than one in a mine. You could say the person doing the cruel work would have just as much chance of living well as someone on the run with no guaranteed food.

Anyhow, in the comments someone mentioned that Blacks should be let out only when testosterone comes down. Well, actually, plenty of Blacks do well in our US society even with high levels of testosterone. In fact, the ones in jail are the worst of the worst assuming they’re not in for some dumb non-violent drug offense.

In fact, my cousin who was in prison for DUI with manslaughter commented the same, noting the blacks in prison were the worst by far, and that being in prison made you hate Blacks. Well, I’m a little cynical about that statement because there is heavy pressure for Whites to join racist gangs which indoctrinate them.

Needing Room to Breathe, to Explore

A society with too much “safety” often backfires like we saw with Prohibition in the US. The U.S. Drug War has also been a disaster. Well, the thing is, people need to experience sin to find holiness.  In other words, if a teen just mildly explores naughty things, the parents shouldn’t be concerned but instead gently encourage them toward a better path.

Well, parents who are too strict and nations that are too strict like Iran or Saudi Arabia might produce people who are good but not from a strong heartfelt motivation. It’s all from fear and/or simply being denied the exploration of what’s bad.

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2 thoughts on “The Battle between Freedom and Safety”

  1. You need very good leaders. National Socialism could’ve been worse without Hitler. Even if the Axis won, things would not be the same after his death. Worse and less popular leaders would try in vain fill the void. The more lebensraum crap they do, the softer their movement would be.

    Italy is way more fascist friendly, watch Bourdain’s last visit Rome show. Mussolini is admired by men and seen as sexy by women. The fascist statues stay up.

    I watch Western shows like Deadwood. Every preacher is mentally insane. Religious men had a positive and negative effect in Latin America. Sometimes they were the only positive though. So the Lord calling the old liberal religious men to “save inferiors” was positive for natives. Even though many would sellout and join in the exploitative collective.

    1. So, for instance, you would agree that Bin Laden’s murder weakened Islamic Fundamentalism?

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