I Hate Those Who Project Their Pain onto Others

Well, this is the situation with my female relative – the one who was so kind and innocent in middle school – who then turned into the type of person who could even scare convicts. It also happened with her brother, but he got over it. Boy, what hell he put everyone through before he got over it though!

Anyway, projection is victimization of others even if the projectionist is a victim – and, yes, they are often or maybe always victims – and that goes for the person I am describing in my family.

Do I personally project? Well, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve had serious enough hurt to do so.  Well, the thought of me brutalizing a third party  because of my shit is inconceivable.

Nonetheless, the world is full of these cunts.  Some of them are also SJWs.  They got an attitude and take it out by being bitches to straight White men. They may even take it out by marrying Black guys even though, technically that’s not wrong and may benefit race relations, etc..

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10 thoughts on “I Hate Those Who Project Their Pain onto Others”

  1. Yes, White man-hating cunts are the worst. Put them on Captain Stabbinsheim’s cheapest ship to go get enriched by tribes that’ll cut their clits off.

  2. Police are way out of control. They take their pain out no people. Way too many Cluster B psychos. That’s one thing libertarians and Alt Left can agree on.


    Usually, the black kids deserve it. But the skinny black kid who gets tackled and arrested in the second half of the video by that big fat strong brown-skinned cop didn’t need to get arrested. The cop taunting him with “Why u flexin? Why u flexin?” just made it worse.

    Urban black kids are very very impulsive. The cops know exactly what to say to get them to react so then they can arrest the perps. It is psychological entrapment.

    Why is it legal for police to brutalize and severely injure civilians who weren’t causing violence? Even if they resist arrest, why is it legal for cops to disable or kill tax-payers?

    Can’t the police first go get a warrant from a judge and then have a legal justification to SEARCH AND DESTROY?

    Non-violent offenders should have the right to resist arrest. Only after a warrant is issued should cops be able to swoop in and give ’em a beat down. Most would call me crazy for suggesting this progressive idea, but on-the-spot decisions by police officers to maim and kill non-violent offenders or suspects should be constitutionally banned.

    1. Yeah, cops have a bad rep from blacks for a reason, and blacks aren’t the only ones who hate them. As was said, it’s full of Cluster-B psychos, so much for the Fox News “Blue Lives Matter” crap.

  3. Here’s another one where federal police surround and murder a suspect like an Iraq War Special Forces operation. Then the 4-star Chief of police lies to reporters about it. Caught on camera! Holy Crap!


    This is worse than the fucking USSR or China. It’s so disgusting because of the hypocrisy behind it. The Soviets and Maoists admitted to being Commies establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat. These fucking cops love to say how free America is.

    Yes, America is freer than most European and East Asian countries but definitely not because of police! The Unholy Crusade on Drugs by the Criminal Justice system, the police, and now, radical Leftist SJWs are the biggest blight on America right now.

    Robert, you sound like a god-damned libertarian in this article, haha! https://beyondhighbrow.com/category/crime/law-enforcement/police-brutality/

    “We need a judicial system but not like this. It’s got to be dramatically reformed. We have way too many laws. The cucks, women, cops, narcs, and police state types have succeeded in making just about half of life illegal. Seriously. Half of crimes should just be abolished because they’re chickenshit offenses. For a lot of that stuff, just let people settle things among themselves.” – Sir Robert of the ALT SINISTER

    Don’t you mean the minarchy, a.k.a. The Libertarian Church, excommunicated and decentralized from the Roman Pope?

    “The Street is a sort of living being constituted of the sum total of all of the minds of all of the people on the Street. It is actually extremely intelligent, even brilliant, in a street-smart sort of way.” – – Sir Robert of the ALT SINISTER

    Don’t you mean the invisible hand of the market, a.k.a. The Libertarian Jesus?

    What is the practical difference between Libertarians and the Alt Left? I don’t see a big difference except that you want universal health care and basic income paid by taxes. If you can keep the pigs from slaughtering civilians, you earned some free medicaid. It’s a compromise I am willing to make.

  4. American people and American cops are suck pussies. Look at these haughty Ukrainian cops and Civilians.

    Cops beat up some chick. Village mob storms police Station. Cops fight back like real Slavic men, hand-a-hand and with melee weapons. No tasers or shots fired. Nobody killed. Imagine this in some fat donut cop American town? It would have been a police-on-civilian Columbine style shooting.


    Resolution: Everyvun shake hends, go to whorehouse. After drink vodka. Da!

    1. Americans have regional cultures but most don’t know it. Robert is an expert in American history, but I’d say majority of Americans are uncultured.

      Ukrainian ladies seem the most into flower crowns in their hair. Even the dancers in Ukraine wear them. Russians, Poles, Balts, and I think Bulgarians wear them too. Much of West Europe wore them before Christianization I believe.

      A lot of women in the West are balls of bad decisions. Fake and unnatural from their Skittle-colored butch cut down to their very soul. People deeply tied to their culture are better off. Nothing more natural than beautiful long-haired man-loving women enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature with her flowers in their hair.

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