The “To Stop Tyranny, We Must Be Tyrannical” Idea

We think the Nazis were monsters. Their spin on the story was protecting the world from Communism. In fact, that’s what former German soldiers often said in interviews. Of course, underneath was a bizarre and sick racism, but on top was the cover of stopping Communism and “better dead than red.”.

Hence, a green light was given to be as brutal and expansionist as possible to stop the red threat. So what if Germany was rearming, considering that  Stalin was right around the corner? That was the logic behind why the US was practically asleep when Germany prepared for war. It wasn’t like nobody knew about it. There was no secret rearming like we now have secret North Korean nukes, etc..

Of course, also we had the Great Depression going on, so the last concern of most Americans was probably other countries – instead, they were focused on rebuilding this one. What a perfect time to rearm, right?

Modern Day WNs

They use the same logic. It’s all about whatever it takes to stop the enemy. We can send flowers later. Nah, no flowers – lol. This is why they’re incredibly dangerous people, but fortunately, they are very small in number, and yet…who knows if they would resort to bio-terror? Many of them have openly said they want to exploit Covid-19  in such a way.

The Cold War and the US

In the Cold War, the US overthrew aggressive leaders they didn’t like, replacing them aggressive leaders they did like, which was Mr. Rogers stuff compared to the National Socialists but still aroused massive resentment in Latin America and other places.

Of course, the justification here was the same as in the other cases. It’s all down to the lesser of two evils.

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