Is Being an Ant King Wrong?

Well, one image that comes to mind would come from many Jimmy Buffett songs – the image of the White playboy living in paradise with everyone sucking up to him because of the Yankee dollar. However, another example is some dunce that gets off on people who economically, are probably his equal or above, but they’re into “White worship.”  This is the situation in Northeast Asia.

I cannot say objectively that a White guy helping out people far weaker than him for various reasons, not always including IQ, is always wrong. If the strong never helped the weak, what world would we have? Also, despite all the “non-White power” movements out there, a lot of these people cannot help themselves to a significant degree.

However, I can empathize with the idea that non-Whites are sick of being called ugly, weird, 2nd rate in comparison to Barbie and Ken Doll White people – lol. This was the thing that Blacks in the US raged against, and you had Afros, “Black is Beautiful” etc..

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